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Description of what's in these sections follows below.

The purpose of this site: is to provide a home for the Ultimate Manga Guide. There are two versions: the TextGuide, which is an ASCII file in a similar but enhanced format as the original Usenet Manga Guide (download below), and a html-ized and enriched version of this manga guide (the WebGuide) and a home for the supplement to the Webguide containing extensive booksynopses (the DetailGuide).
What does it contain: The Ultimate Manga Guide is one of the largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date references for manga in the English language. More than 2,500 manga artists and more than 10,000 of their works are listed, and many biographies, summaries and reviews are also provided.
Last update of the
Last version of the
Last version of the
WebGuide and DetailGuide
31st July 2004

New Text Guide.
version 13.6, 31st July 2004
Read below
new manga up to November 2003.
version 13.1, 18th January 2004
Description of last Updates
31st July 2004: A new Textguide is online. Version 3.6. There's a TON of new biographical information for many artists. And when I mean a ton, I mean a TON. For more than 1,800 artists one or more biographical data has been added/changed, including many of which have now their official websitelinks.

Besides that, and with the help of John C. Watson I updated the manga magazines guide. The list of publishers in it is now more or less up to date.

22th July 2004: Momoiro Sabbath release: chapter 6-8; Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryou chapter 1-2.

10th July 2004: Another Momoiro Sabbath release: chapter 5.

6th July 2004: Another Momoiro Sabbath release: chapters 3 and 4.

3rd July 2004: Momoiro Sabbath. Some of you may realize that this is a pet series of us. But only few people know the series. To make the series better known, we'll release some chapters of it. There was already chapter 48, this one is now rereleased as zipfile, and there's chapter one and two, these are also available in zipfiles. The chapters are released in a yahoo group momoiro_sabbath. You can go there, become member and download the chapters. The three chapters together count around 80 pages. Quality isn't top, but we don't intend to release better quality versions.

20th June 2004: Update of the Textguide. Again a major update of the textguide. We have reached two milestones: more than 2,500 artists and 14,000 series, and 140,000 lines.

9th May 2004: Update of the Textguide. This is a large one folks. The file has grown to 3.6MB, with over 2,450 artists and over 13,000 series.

I'm still repeating the following things:
I have put up a FAQ file with answers to questions I have recently received. If you want to contribute or have questions, read it first please!
Contributions needed!!
As I have still received no reactions about it, I'll repeat this too: Some of you have noted that there was an entry for the Usenet Manga Magazines Guide in the contents table of the UMG. A long time ago this UMMG was always posted together with the UMG. I've waited so long to include it, because I wanted to contact the person who was the maintainer, but I can't seem to find him anymore (Ryo Shiroma). If anyone has his email address, let me know. Anyway, I've now include it at the end of the Guide. The UMMG has been edited by me to fit the UMG format, but it is not really up to date! If you have additional information regarding magazines, by all means let me know.
For info on previous updates, see: New / History of the site
Manga Galore
Can you identify all the manga in this?
Take a Tour of the Site!
This site can be daunting for the newbie, therefore in order to help you see what the depth of info can be in the Ultimate Manga Guide we list a couple of links to artists on the site that are very popular and of whom the page is very well fleshed out.
Adachi Mitsuru's Page
Takahashi Rumiko's Page
Detail Page of "Rough" Series
Voting Section
No new votings available yet. Results of previous votings.
rec.arts.manga needs new maintainers for the following FAQs
You may not know this, but r.a.m. has actually FIVE FAQs. Of these five, I am maintaining two (the guide and the magazine guide). But that still leaves three FAQs that have no current maintainers (as Pearl seems to be not interested anymore). You can download these three here and propose yourself as a new maintainer in r.a.m. The three FAQs are:
"Welcome to rec.arts.manga"
"Usenet Manga Resources FAQ"
"Usenet manga Glossary"
Scripts of assorted great manga:
Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryou V1C1
Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryou V1C2
Momoiro Sabbath V1C1
Family Compo C56
Sample chapters of assorted great manga. These chapters are meant to promote manga that have not been commercially translated yet, but that really deserve to be picked up. If you like them, try contacting a company and recommend the series to them. There will be never more than a small percentage available of the series being promoted. Don't even ask.

There is a yahoo group for Momoiro Sabbath:
Releases in the group currently available:
chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 48
There is a yahoo group for Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryou too:
Releases in the group currently available:
chapter 1
chapter 2

Description of all the sections in the guide

I'd really love to hear from you what you think of the site. I'm also searching for people who want to contribute to the Manga Guide so that it becomes as complete as possible. The things I'm searching the most are synopses for series. If you have corrections, additions, submissions or any suggestions, email me at (read the FAQ FIRST):
There is a growing number of TOTAL IDIOTS who are apparently unable to understand that I am NOT the manga artist of the page they had just visited. I am sick and tired of having to repeat this, which is why I put it here, rather rudely, in front of my mail address. I REPEAT, I AM NOT THE MANGA ARTIST YOU THINK I AM. Hell, I'm not even Japanese!! My name is right below this e-mail address.
Maintained by Peter Van Huffel 1997-2003.

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