FAQ file - Read before contacting me

The purpose of this page is to give you some guidelines concerning the Mangaguide and concerning the ways in which you can contribute to it, concerning the things not to do when mailing me. This file does NOT explain how to use the Mangaguide. Read the How to use the Guides page for that.
Q0: How can I get in touch with you?

Q1: Can you ...? Are you... ?

Q2: Can I contribute?

Q3: What can I contribute?

Q4: Can you give me any information regarding a certain ANIME series?

Q5: Can you give me any information regarding a certain MANGA series?

Q6: Can I BUY a certain MANGA from you?

Q7: Can you HELP me in FINDING a certain MANGA?

Q8: I want to contribute some info, but how should I send it?

Q9: Should I format the info in a certain manner?

Q10: Will you edit my submitted information?

Q11: Is it normal that the Guide contains also descriptions of Adult Manga?

Q12: I don't agree with a certain recommendation!

Q13: What manga do you like?


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