Generally, contributions were in the form of articles posted to the net, or
emailed specifically for inclusion in this guide. They were mostly edited,
researched and expanded by Iain Sinclair the v2.0-v6.0 editor, and by Peter Van
Huffel for the v6.1-v11.x of the guide. v6.0 was retaken by Peter Van Huffel in
its entirety, corrected and expanded into the new format of the guide. The
information contained in the v6.0 guide accounts for about 10% of the total

Due to the haphazard growth of the Manga Guide, it has been difficult to match
names with individual contributions. This accreditation is still incomplete,
unfortunately. However, all people who are known to have contributed in some
way are listed below. Every contributor is assigned an abbreviation which is
used at the end of every synopsis contributed in the Guide. E-mail addresses of
contributors have been modified to protect them from scanbots (replace the
following part from the address to get the original: " at " becomes "@"

{NAS} Neil Asato (nasato at

{SAM} Satoshi "beluga" Amagai (MVCY at

{TCH} Tony Chen (tochen at

{DCH} David Chiu

{MCH} Mark Chilenskas (rmc at

{ECO} Enrique Conty (jester at

{DOI} Hitoshi Doi 土井仁志 (doi at

{MED} Michael Edwards (michaele at

{JEL} Jim Elliott (elliottj at

{PEV} Peter Evans (peter at

{GFO} Gene Fornario (genef at

{LGR} Larry Greenfield

{HAG} Hiroshi "Heretic" Haga 芳賀大志 (hh0u+ at

{HAS} Hiromi Hasegawa (hasegawa at

{SHE} Scott Henry (scotth at

{HSU} Titus Heng-Hsueh Hsu (hsu at

{VHO} Vince B. "keke" Ho (hbv at

{CHO} Curtis Hoffman (currmann at

{DHO} Dan Hollis (goemon at

{PJA} Pascal Janin (p-chan at

{JUT} Jason Juta (cjuta at

{TKI} Tomoko Kimura (t-kimura at

{LEE} Lesfeena "Yuki" Lee (lhlee at

{PLE} Pei Lee

{MCO} Maiko Covington (ecovingt at

{LMA} Larry Mann (lrmann at

{TMA} Theresa Martin (thmartin at

{MOU} David Mou (ph111-dz at

{ANA} Albert H. Nakano (bert at

{MNI} Miho Nishida (vray at

{SPE} Steve "Starbuck" Pearl (starbuck at

{VAJ} Tonghyun "Vajra" Kim (tkim at

{APO} Alvaro Pons (ARTIGAS at

{HRO} Henry Robertson (robohen at

{CSW} Chris Swett (72736.433 at CompuServe.COM)

{GST} Gavin Steyn (steyn at

{KTA} Kenichiro Tanaka (kt12+ at

{TYA} Tsuyoshi Yamashiki (t_yamasi at

{ITO} ITO Takayuki (yuki at

{RVM} Richard Vermaas (richardv at

{AWO} Alexander Wong (awong at

{FNH} Foong Ngai Hoe (fnh0083 at

{ACH} Anand Chelian (anandc at

{KWA} Alan Kwan (tarot at

{JLA} Johnson Lam (jlam at

{GBL} Gerd Blocken

{MTH} Matt Thorn

{NAT} Natane (natane at

{JOB} John B (babich at

{RHA} RHandel182 (rhandel182 at

{SLE} Stephen Lee

{PHO} Phoenix (phoenixxx at

{PED} Patti (theduffields at

{PAU} Paul and Andy Hetzel (paulhv at

{RHE} Ronny Hedin (thark at

{MUH} Ryo Muhoshin (muhoshinryo at

{KUN} Kuniko Tomita (Mlle.tomita at

{LAR} Lara Silbert (cute_kitty_girl at

{YRL} Youngrok LEE (Fischer at

{GAF} Sean Gaffney (gaffney at

{DCD} Dianne Carmela Dimabuyo (lilasia at

{HLA} Hank Liao (hhliao at

{PHX} PhnxFire at

{LIN} Linda (mangaart at

{SKU} Slash-kun

{SEK} Seki (papagenopip at

{KNM} KagetsuyaNoMiko

The following people made especially significant contributions in some way or

{CPK} Chih-Ping Kuo (ping at
(original maintainer of the Manga Guide)

{PYI} Patrick Yip (pckyip at (author of the Usenet Manga Mags
list, prototype of the Manga Guide)

{CMA} Cynthia Ma 馬 思敏 (cynthia at

{FLS} Frederik L. Schodt (author of 'Dreamland Japan' and of 'Manga! Manga!')

{YKI} Y. Kitajima (kita at

{JAS} Jill Astley (jastley at on Ribon, Margaret auth.)

{TKI} Tonghyun "TK" Kim (tkim at

{KMU} Kunio "kunedog" Muto 武藤邦雄 (s92458km at

{RSH} Ryo "W2/JH1CUV" Shiroma 城間 良 (RSHIROMA at

{ISI} Iain Sinclair (axolotl at v2.0-v6.05 of the
Usenet Manga Guide)

{PVH} Peter Van Huffel (pvhuf at v6.1-v13.x of the
Ultimate Manga Guide)

{DHI} Dennis Hirschmann (DHirsch82 at
(lots of info, synopses... especially on Shoujo authors)

{KAM} Seishinja (seishinja at

{EIR} Eirias (eirias at


{001} Fukuya Comic Catalog, edition 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
The Bible for any serious manga collector. Every serious manga shop has
this for reference. It lists the manga "currently" still available (not
sold out). The main part is indexed according to author. There is
an additional index according to manga title. There are no descriptions,
no summaries for the manga. No furigana are provided, which makes finding
the correct spelling of an author's name awkward. A good knowledge of
Japanese is necessary to use this work.

{002} Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics, Frederik L. Schodt (1983)
The first book on manga by Frederik Schodt. Mr. Schodt is a writer,
interpreter and translator living in America. He has a thorough knowledge
of the manga scene and history and displays this in this classic, but
essential work on the history of manga. You should buy this. Intro written
by Osamu Tezuka.

{003} Dreamland Japan, Frederik L. Schodt (1996)
The sequel to "Manga! Manga!...". This book looks at the current state of
manga in and outside of Japan.

{004} The comics Listings on fj.rec.comics (the real reference!!)
The equivalent of the Touhan listings, but on the internet. The monthly
files contain the manga issued in that month. It is of course completely
in Japanese, and sorted to day and magazine. No descriptions or summaries
are provided and a thorough knowledge of Japanese is necessary to use

{005} Animage anime pocket data notes.
This was the main source for the information on whether a series has been
animated or not.

{006} The Maison Ikkoku Guidebook compiled by Glenn Tarigan
The ultimate reference for people interested in one of the best manga ever
made. It contains lots of information on this series, but is also
interesting as a general reference.

{007} The Mangaka Map on fj.rec.comics
An irregularly posted file containing some biographical information about
a lot of mangaka.

{008} The Hakusensha library at
The internet site of Hakusensha. Not so well designed as sites by
Shougakukan or Shuueisha, but it serves its purpose.

{009} The Shougakukan library at
The internet site of Shougakukan with a rather comprehensive library.
Shougakukan is also one of the only sites having an English equivalent,
but the English site is very neglected.

{010} Mangajin
Now defunct, Mangajin was essential reading material for anyone interested
in manga, Japan, translations... Each issue featured several chapters from
interesting manga translated according to a four step system: The original
Japanese, below a translation breakdown into the separate parts, a literal
translation, and the best possible natural English translation.
Besides this, Mangajin featured articles on Japanese society, had a funny
blooper section, a section with grammar lessons (those have been bundled
into two separate books) and much more...
It was a great loss when Mangajin filed for bankruptcy, the remaining
stock can be bought at "Wasabi brothers".

{011} Usenet groups: rec.arts.manga; rec.arts.anime.*; fr.rec.anime;
fj.rec.comics for their never-ending and interesting discussions on manga
and anime. Some of those discussions have been reprinted in the
guide, especially those happening on r.a.m. of course. Note that no
permission to reprint these discussions is necessary, as newsgroups are
public domain. When the original poster has not been contacted, this tag
has been used. In other cases, a specific tag for the poster has been

{012} Jamm magazine. A now defunct amateur English language magazine from

{013} Several other magazines, online or not: EX Magazine, Animerica...

{014} Lupin III FAQ written by Steve Pearl

{015} The Shuueisha library at
The internet site of Shuueisha. This is the direct link to its manga
library. It has no English equivalent, but is pretty comprehensive.

{016} Shoujo Anime (and manga) List by Vince Ho aka "keke"
A comprehensive list compiled in the first half of the nineties.

{017} The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture
Mark Schilling elaborates on 67 subjects from the Japanese pop culture.

{018} Shoujo Anime/Manga Mailing List

{019} Auctions on Ebay

{020} From the site . The site was going to close
down on 15 Apr 2002, but it was announced on 11 Apr that they were keeping
the catalog part open. In the meantime, I already saved those reviews in
the Guide (took quite some time). I'm not going to remove them now.

{021} From the English website of Shuueisha.

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