Kouga Yun 高河ゆん

[born: 9 Jul 1965, Toukyou-metropolis; bloodtype: B]

A shoujo mangaka whose art is known for its distinctive, fluid linework. She was apparently a doujinshi artist for quite some time before turning pro. A daughter was born to her in May 1994. Made her debut in 1988 with "Metal Heart" on Comic VAL. She married 8 July 1992, gave birth to a daughter on 27 April 1994.

Alice in Wonderland
serialized on Val, 1989
2 volumes @ Y530
[ 01:8908| 02:9304]
A prince from Wonderland is about to decide who he shall marry, but he doesn't feel that he loves any of his brides-to-be. So he asked his personal advisor, who is also a wizard, to let him go to the human world and try his luck. The wizard agreed, but the prince has to go as a dog, he can only turn back as a prince only twice while he was there and most of all he cannot tell his name to the woman he wishes to get married with, or otherwise he won't be able to marry her.

The prince agreed to the terms. The wizard turned him into a puppy. The prince was picked up by Alice, a girl who loves dogs, she has a lot of dogs in her house. The prince falls in love with her. Later that night, he changed himself back to his human shape while she was asleep. But, Alice woke up and asked who he was. The dumb prince slipped his tongue and told her his name. So what happened then is that he still bring her back to Wonderland. He planned to stay with her even if they can't get married. Then the story goes on... {LEE}

You're My Only Shinin' Star
serialized on Party Comics, 1991
1 volume @ Y420
[ 01:9105]
An SF/fantasy mook about moon people with big insect-like wings. At that time, it's magic that rules. The main character Thomas is the greatest magician on earth. At that time, women are the ones who are working and they are the ones who protect the men. Humans had conquered the moon already, and killed all the moon people, because the moon people have a special power. The main female character is the last of the moon people. Thomas is actually a moon-person as well, but no one knows about it.

It turns out that there is a guy within the heroine. It was a spell that happened during the war between the moon people and earth, so now they are actually two people in one. So Thomas has to show her that he really loves her, even though she is actually a guy sometimes. {LEE}

serialized on Wings, 1988-95
9 volumes @ Y490
[ 01:8811| 02:8903| 03:8908| 04:9006| 05:9010| 06:9204| 07:____| 08:9409| 09:9504]
Ebata Katsumi, 16 years old, 1st year student of Senior Highschool. Following his love Sakura, he went to the mysterious dimension of Japan and got involved in the fight between Genji and Heike. The actual historical epic took place in the Heian and Kamakura era, but the manga is somehow set in modern Japan where the characters can even go to Shinjuku. Katsumi looked very like Minamoto no Yoritomo who just passed away so the Minamoto family made him to be the fake Minamoto no Yorimoto so that the people from Heike family wouldn't know about it. The story depicts life and death in the Kamakura bakufu.

In addition, there is supposedly a hard-to-find doujinshi, Genji Koushiki Guidebook 源氏公式ガイドブック.


Aashian [Earthian]
serialized on Wings, 1988-94
5 volumes @ Y490
[ 01:8803| 02:8902| 03:9002| 04:9207| 05:9406]
'Earthian' is the term for people living on earth. This story is about 'angels' from the planet Eden, who have been inspecting Earthians for more than 5 billion years. They are divided into 2 groups, 'plus checkers' whose job is to find good points about Earthians, and 'minus checkers' whose job is to find bad points about Earthians. They always go in pairs. If the bad points reach 10,000 (the score system is not important in the story and Kouga Yun did not really explain it in detail), Earth will be destroyed by the Angels.

All the angels are white in colour; white hair, white eyes and white wings, except one with black hair, black eyes and black wings. (Black is considered to be a unlucky colour on Planet Eden.) His name is Chihaya, and he is a plus checker. He went to earth with a minus checker called Kagetsuya, and the story is about the different people and events they came across on Earth.





Flexible Sensation
There is a group of aliens whose spaceship has lain crashed on earth for centuries. This group of alien is pretty weird. Each individual is composed of two bodies, and a male one and a female one. The male character was a descendant of the alien, without his other half, he is like a normal human. Other aliens try to get him to combine with her sister, so he can return to his alien form.

serialized on Princess, 1992
4 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8907| 02:9204| 03:9212| 04:9312]
One of Yun's more sexually heavy manga. No sex, but has plenty of sexual tensions. There are strange beings that live in a slightly different dimension above Earth. To them, humans are "Oni (demons)". They fear them, a little, but humans are their main meal during the mating season that happens once every 500 years. Sasame, who has been ashamed of his "ugly" body, acquired a beautiful body from Nene, who suicided. Nene gave her soul to Akaza, Sasame's arch-enemy. Akaza placed a deep scar mark on Sasame's, and ergo Nene's, beautiful body before he went down to Earth with the "Sky Above"'s only female, Yuuko. The mating season is on, and if the "Sky Above"'s only female does not mate with the "Sky Above"'s King, the species will die out (Only the King can mate with the female. Akaza took Yuuko only because Yuuko claimed that she loved him.). By the order of the "Sky Above"'s King and by his own unquenching anger and hatred toward Akaza, Sasame heads down to Earth to confront Akaza and get back Yuuko. Thus begins Sasame and Akaza's strange dance of love and hate. Yunn's theme in this manga is "What is love" (again) and "If you loved someone so much that you didn't want him/her to forget your existence for even one second of their life, then extreme hate is stronger than love", meaning, extreme hatred is very close to maddening love. And hate is definitely a stronger emotion than love... {MNI}

published by B.N.M.
1 volume @ Y1030
[ 01:____]
A book of essays.

published by Shinshokan,
1 volume @ Y1200
[ 01:8904]
A book of paintings.

Love Songs
published by Shinshokan, 1989
2 volumes @ Y1240
[ 01:____| 02:8909]
Books of paintings.

B-gata Doumei [B-Type Union]
serialized on Newtype, 1989
1 volume @ Y780
[ 01:8906]
I only know that this is a semi-SF. There are two groups of people. One group of people turns into cats, and the other type has an army that is hunting the B-Type (or the cat people) down. {LEE}

Saffron Zero Beat
serialized on Wings, 1993
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9303]
An ordinary boy falls in love with an android who is chased by a religious group because of the inprinting mechanism in her body which commands her to 'love' her master who died long ago. {018}

Kodomo-tachi wa yoru no Juunin
published by Tairiku Shobou, 1990
2 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9006| 02:9007]
One of the harder to find Kouga Yun titles, and unfortunately, also the most enjoyable. It actually showed the lighter side of Kouga, and for mere two volumes, it sure was a heck lot less complicated than Earthian and Genji. It is another title that I would pay good money to get my own copies of. {011}

Yajou Teikoku
serialized on Princess, 1989
1 volume @ Y380
[ 01:8905]
No Synopsis.

Ren-ai [Love-passion]
serialized on Princess, 1989
2 volumes @ Y380
[ 01:8905| 02:8911]
No Synopsis.

Choujuu Densetsu Gestalt
serialized on Gangan Fantasy, 1993-2000
8 volumes @ Y780
[ 01:9312| 02:9503| 03:9702| 04:9709| 05:9803| 06:9902| 07:0005| 08:0103]
This is the story of Ouri, a very capable magician and fighter coming from the lands of the god "G". "G" was the god who wanted to give the humans knowledge of magic and was banned for this by the other gods. On his journey Ouri was captured, made a slave and forced to "show-fight" - but as he proved too strong he was turned into a mute woman... in this situation s/he meets the priest Olivier who left his order to find out the truth about "G" himself. Olivier wants to help Ouri, and after some initial "minor" problems (^_^;) they set out for "G" together. A very intriguing shoujo-fantasy story with Kouga-sensei's unique and beautiful art style. Highly recommended. {KNM}


Mind Size
published by Koubunsha, 1988
2 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:____| 02:____]
No Synopsis.

Kiga Ichizoku
published by Gakushuu, 1994
1 volume @ Y500
[ 01:9402]
A writer-wannabee is loved by the school idol and discovers he has some serious secrets. {018}

serialized on Afternoon, 1994
4 volumes @ Y780
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____]
No Synopsis.

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