Kitagawa Shou きたがわ翔

[born: 28 Jun, Shizuoka-prefecture; bloodtype: O]

Kitagawa, as he describes himself, is a very tall, muscular, dark skinned fellow, and yet he's a major shoujo manga fan (and that caused him some embarrassing moments in bookstores in his high school years). His art reflects the shoujo influence, and yet his stories are tailored for men. He started drawing manga at age 13. Debuted with "Tsuganaga-kun wa gokigen naname" in 1981 on Bessatsu Margaret.

serialized on Young Jump, 1989-91
12 volumes @ Y600
[ 01:8901| 02:8904| 03:8907| 04:8910| 05:9001| 06:9004| 07:9007| 08:9008| 09:9011]
[ 10:9012| 11:9101| 12:9102]
Commenced when the artist was only 21 years old, and yet it shows surprising maturity in both style and story. Most importantly, Kitagawa captured the essence of the age bordering adolescence and adulthood. In a sense, 19 is the GQ of manga.

Our hero, Kubota Kazushi, will have his heart broken three times (and his virginity intact) before he finds a steady love, and that's just half of the story. The story can be very light hearted, and then very depressing sometimes. The tone is, IMHO, overall melancholic. Comparing with some other bland shounen stuffs that are out there, 19 scores far above the field. {MOU}


B.B. Fish
serialized on Young Jump, 1991-94
15 volumes @ Y600
[ 01:9106| 02:9109| 03:9201| 04:9206| 05:____| 06:____| 07:____| 08:____| 09:9306]
[ 10:____| 11:____| 12:9402| 13:____| 14:9404| 15:____]
More fantasy oriented, and it rivals other YJ series in degree of H-ness. Unfortunately, BBF doesn't have a well defined theme as Nineteen. It's trying to tell a love story, fantasy story, sports story, and a mystery story all at the same time. (NB: This is not to be confused with Yoshida Akimi's best-selling Banana Fish, B.B. stands for "Blue Butterfly")

PURE boy
serialized on Margaret, 1986
1 volume @ Y370
[ 01:8701]
No Synopsis.

Teens shiyouka
serialized on Young Jump, 1988
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:8808]
It is a single volume compilation of an early series. It has the same elements as "Nineteen" but too short to be involving. {MOU}

Eccentric city
serialized on Margaret,
1 volume @ Y370
[ 01:8902]
No Synopsis.

Kitagawa Shou Illustration Book
published by Shuueisha, 1993
1 volume @ Y1800
[ 01:9306]
No Synopsis.


serialized on Young Jump, 1994-1997
10 volumes @ Y520
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:9502| 04:9504| 05:9507| 06:9509| 07:9604| 08:9607| 09:9609]
[ 10:9702]
No Synopsis.

Moeko Ganbarimasu [Moeko will do her best]
serialized on Margaret,
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:8506]
No Synopsis.

serialized on Young Jump,
15 volumes @ Y520
[ 01:9706| 02:9709| 03:9712| 04:9803| 05:9805| 06:9808| 07:9811| 08:9902| 09:9905]
[ 10:9908| 11:9911| 12:0002| 13:0005| 14:0008| 15:0010]
A live action television show starring Takashi Sorimachi (who played also GTO) has been made in 2003. The lead role in this manga is Enzou Takaya, who's a former gang member, but since then reorganized his life. He has become a teacher and looks after his young stepsiblings. One day, a five year old girl is found on his doorstep with a note mentioning that she's his daughter. Enzou doesn't know who her mother is, and decides to become a father for the child, who's called Nanami. She unfortunately suffers from severe dermatitis, which is a skin disease and is due to sensitivity to certain types of food. So, Enzou becomes a health freak... (adapted from a synopsis on

Sweet Vanilla
short story collection
published by Shuueisha,
aizouban 1 volume @ Y971
[ 01:9601]
No Synopsis.

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