Isutoshi hrtsnrgh

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

H manga artist. Draws in a very clear line absolutely gorgeous women. Has gone mainstream like some of his colleagues.

Suratto Onna [Slut Girl]
serialized on Fujimi Comics,
1 volume @ Y800
[ 01:____]
The wild and totally uninhibited kinky adventures of the sultry Sayoko, a.k.a. Slut Girl.

Here's one H manga we can actually recommend. Slut Girl is a blast, very funny to read. Straight sex. Sayoko is not so much a slut, rather a user of people, she's always broke, but can very well stand up for herself. Poor Satoru, Sayoko's boyfriend in the series is really the one who we should pity in this series even though he gets to screw Sayoko around. Last but not least, man, Isutoshi knows how to draw!
TRA:(E)Eros Comics

Tende Freeze
serialized on Afternoon,
3 volumes @ Y514
[ 01:0204| 02:0211| 03:0309]
Tende Freeze is another "beauty and the lech"-comedy with beautiful psychic girl accidentally meeting height-challenged son of a legendary healer, whose proximity and mood works as a kind of psychic power catalyst. The stupidity of the stories is part of their charm. Tende Freeze reminds me of the frivolous first half of the Photon OVA. {011}

This is the first mainstream title of Isutoshi. So no H-ness in this here. The women are of course still well proportioned.

Koukousei Puraura [High School Planet Prowler]
serialized on Wani Magazine,
2 volumes @ Y505
[ 01:9907| 02:0011]
Strange group of characters go on a road trip in this H manga.

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