Isshiki Makoto 一色まこと

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

His characters are plain and normal, not good-looking in most cases. But strangely, I feel very familiar with his characters because they have personalities of their own. He likes to set somewhat 'unhappy' situations of some characters; RINDA Suzu in Hassuru (does not know who is her father, raped at junior high school age), MORISHITA Akane in Denaoshitoide! (lost her mother), and ICHINOSE Kai in Piano no Mori (son of a woman in bar). But most of his works is full of healthy humor, good art-style, and warm depiction of the real life. His works deserve to be more favored. I think his natural and fittest realm is at depiction of normal life and comical scenes like Hanada Shounen-Si or Hassuru. {YRL}

Hanada Shounen-Shi [Boy Hanada's story]
serialized on Mr. Magazine, 1993-95,
4 volumes @ Y485
[ 01:9401| 02:9404| 03:9411| 04:9507]
bunko 4 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:9905| 02:9906| 03:9907| 04:9908]
Winner of The 19th Koudansha manga award(1995). HANADA Ichiji is a 9-year-old boy, who likes to play tricks very much. Therefore he was almost a terror to everyone and to animals near him. One day he was hit by a truck in playing. His cut was sewed up with nine stitches because of the accident. Then he came to be able to talk with ghosts - alluded it was a tradition of Hanada family in the text - and began to help them so as to realize their unfinished hope when they were living. He became mature in doing so... I think this is his most successful work in story texture and persuasiveness (some scenes are even moving me) I have ever seen. He shows the perfect fusion of his characteristic humor and settings and his typical style best. In Korea, this work was once selected as 'Recommended comic for youths' (what irony the publication was illegal copy!). Heartwarming manga, recommended to any readers irreverent of age. {YRL}

serialized on Big Comic Spirits, 1988-95
6 volumes @ Y?
wideban 3 volumes @ Y838
[ 01:9902| 02:9903| 03:9904]
MORISHITA Akane is the captain of the basketball team in high school in spite of her small statue, but not good at anything except for it and almost never favorite with schoolboys. But TSUCHIYA Toukihikou, a model student, has liked her and says so to her. This story has no exaggeration, but shows his typical style well. It should be classified as humorous and cheerful high-school comedy, which cannot explain all of this work. I think Denaoshitoide! is not better than Hanada Shounen-Shi or Hassuru, but deserved to be read once. {YRL}

serialized on Big Comic Spirits, 1996-97
6 volumes @ Y485
[ 01:9606| 02:9610| 03:9612| 04:9702| 05:9707| 06:9712]
RINDA Suzu is a geisha in Gion (see MURAKAMI Motoka's Ron), but fanatic of professional wrestling. Therefore, she cannot stop doing wrestling game with her customers even at bar. One day, she saw an article that former women's wrestling star YAMABUKI Ryohko, her idol, would come back to the ring and establish a new company of women wrestlers. She asked her manager (almost same to mother) to be auditioned, but was refused at once. Though, Rinda did not give it up by 'wrestling spirit' ^^ and went to the audition, to become a member of Yamabuki-gumi. I should like to recommend this next to Hanada Shounen-Shi in his works. First of all, interesting - full of active humor, especially in the first half. Secondly, this gives much information on Gion and its sceneries (and professional wrestler's in Japan). It's unfortunate that this shows some discrepancy of story development style between the first and last half, and suffers from a too sudden ending, but it does not hurt seriously the merits of the story. {YRL}

Gyojin-Sou kara Ai wo komete [With love from Gyojin inn]
serialized on Shounen Jump Deluxe, 1998
1 volume @ Y505
[ 01:9811]
OHYAMA Harumi is a high school boy. He lost his parents and went to grandma's inn (Gyojin inn), but she also passed away. Then, he had to work as the manager of the inn.

Piano no Mori [The forest of the piano]
serialized on Young Magazine Uppers, 1999-present
9 volumes @ Y505
[ 01:9908| 02:9908| 03:9910| 04:0004| 05:0008| 06:0103| 07:____| 08:0205| 09:0211]
Subtitled 'The perfect world of Kai'.
ICHINOSE Kai is a son of bar woman, and has no father. There is a piano in the forest near his home, and Kai's only interest (and refuge from his terrible circumstances) is to play it. Because the piano has been made as a personal instrument for a retired pianist due to accident, it gives almost no sound under other's hand. But Kai can play the piano well, and his ability perplexed a friend of him who wants to be a pianist. The friend introduces Kai to his teacher, who was the original owner of the piano in the forest. Kai began to be tutored by him, so as to be accustomed to 'normal and common' playing style. Some changes are seen at the author's story-making style in this work, but I think it is not well-balanced to his original one yet. And the persuasive ability of this story is less than of his former works. {YRL}

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