Ikeda Fumiharu 池田文春

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

No Side
serialized on Young Jump,
7 volumes @ Y505
[ 01:9411| 02:9503| 03:9507| 04:9511| 05:9603| 06:9607| 07:9609]
Oda is a member of weak rugby team of an university. He suddenly dies shortly before the first tryout of his team, but succeeds in reincarnating into the body of a girl on the verge of dying. She(he?) again starts to play rugby... 'No side' means 'Game over' at rugby. {YRL}

1 volume @ Y520
[ 01:9605]
No Synopsis.

Bar Limelight
serialized on Young Jump Business,
8 volumes @ Y505
[ 01:9802| 02:9809| 03:9905| 04:0002| 05:0009| 06:____| 07:0206| 08:0303]
Limelight, a mysterious bar visible to only very sad or desperate people, is run by the beautiful female bartender Sara. She has the eternal youth and is thus immortal. She can make all cocktails, which can have the special ability to fulfill the drinker's wish. But even Sara isn't able to predict what the exact effects of the drink will be.
Brilliant imagination and good art-style. This manga explores the human nature of greed and desire deeply, and expresses it by turnover like a short novel. Lime-light means "Coming Dreams + Coming People". {YRL}

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