Akatsuka Fujio 赤塚不二夫

[born: 14 Sep 1935 ; bloodtype: ?]

The "King of Gag Comics". He was born in Manchuria, China, , but moved back to Japan with his mother after World War II. After graduating, Akatsuka got a job in a chemical company, which he hated. At the same time, he sent some of his manga to magazines until his 'Arashio Koete', was first published in 1955 in the magazine Manga Shoen. He gave up his day job and started to work under Tezuka as a resident of the Tokiwasou apartment building where he was the roommate of Ishinomori Shoutarou.

His humorous style and many anti-heroic comic characters have transformed the field of manga.

Taking his love of Japanese pun, wordplay and verbal sparring to its logical conclusion, Akatsuka has recently studied to become a rakugo, a theatrical storyteller of Edo-period humorous talks. He has shunned orthodox medical treatment for cancer, and refuses to give up the booze and fags, instead supplementing his diet with traditionally prepared vegetable drinks.

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It's the first magical girl in manga, even prior to Yokoyama's "Mahoutsukai Sally" (Sally, the Witch). The anime TV series on the other hand was aired after "Mahoutsukai Sally". {DHI}

Akatsuka has said that he was inspired by the live action movie "Bewitched".

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