Fujisawa Tooru Ƃ

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

GTO [Great Teacher Onizuka]
serialized on Shounen Magazine,
25 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9705| 02:9707| 03:9709| 04:9711| 05:9801| 06:9804| 07:9806| 08:9808| 09:9811]
[ 10:9903| 11:9905| 12:9908| 13:9911| 14:0001| 15:0004| 16:0006| 17:0009| 18:0012]
[ 19:0103| 20:0106| 21:0108| 22:0111| 23:0202| 24:0204| 25:0204]
Onizuka likes pretty school girls very much. So he wants to become a high school teacher. He encounters a lot of problems in the school between the teachers, the students and their parents. Onizuka will solve these problems his way. Onizuka has also a darker past. In high school, he was the leader of a delinquent group of motorbike freaks. Although he has an unconventional approach of teaching, Onizuka solves many problems he encounters in the class. A television live action drama has been made with Sorimachi Takashi. {JLA}

A former school punk, (gang member, etc.) cheats his way into college and graduates, having problem finding job with his "attitude problem". after failing many times, by some coincidences, decides to become a teacher because he wants to get some action with cute female students. And the only school that takes him because they want him to teach a class of "unteachables". Problem students which drove off teachers to resignation or suicide. And the story is how he takes on those students and simply outdoes them. Because after all, while he was in school he was one "awesome" bad dude. The character of Onizuka is a spinoff of the 'Shounan Love Gang' characters. Which described the high school life of a two men gang, GTO is simply an extension of "what happens after?". {CPK}

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APG:(TV)(43)990630-000924(Studio Pierrot)
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Adesugata Junjou BOY [Pretty Shy Boy]
serialized on Shounen Magazine,
4 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8910| 02:8911| 03:9001| 04:____]
Story about a boy raised like a girl by his parents. This in order to let him succeed in the family traditional theatre where the male actor must act like a woman. {JLA}

Shounan Jun'ai-gumi! [Shounan Love Gang]
serialized on Shounen Magazine,
31 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9103| 02:9104| 03:9106| 04:9108| 05:9111| 06:9202| 07:9204| 08:9207| 09:9209]
[ 10:9212| 11:9302| 12:9305| 13:9307| 14:9309| 15:9311| 16:9402| 17:9405| 18:9407]
[ 19:9409| 20:9412| 21:9502| 22:9505| 23:9507| 24:9510| 25:9512| 26:9602| 27:9604]
[ 28:9606| 29:9608| 30:9610| 31:9612]
Two junior highschool students like to change their way of living: in stead of fighting all the time, they are going to date girls all the time. {JLA}

Bad Company
a`c bnlo`mx
published by Koudansha,
deluxe 1 volume @ Y505
[ 01:9706]
Before Great Teacher Onizuka, there was Shounan Junai Gumi. But before Shounan, there was Bad Company. If you loved gto or shounan, then you'll love bad company too. To cut a not so long story short, it's about how Eikichi met Ryuji and some of their high school adventures as gangsters before moving onto shounan where they staged as nerds to pick up girls. (Synopsis taken from )

Rose Hip Rose
2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:____| 02:____]
This is quite a disappointment, the first two books show me absolutely nothing, "common" is probably its biggest fault, by comparison, Tokko, another title I am not too high on, at least offers better artwork quality, and more interesting characters and a storyline that is less routine. But in any case, simply drawing nice pictures does not make a good action manga, Fujisawa can learn a lot from Shirow and Oh Great on paneling and camera/picture point of view. In one word, his artwork is simply quite "flat" to the point that it is almost like reading a western comic. Even his comedy routines and fan services also are no where as good as GTO, and the excess violence is simply gore and not artistic enough, (yes violence can be artistic) I can only think that working on three similar projects must have some effects on the quality.

No, I am not saying this manga is bad and you should avoid it, but my problem is I can neither come out with a convincing reason to follow this title as a must read. Air Gear, another recent action title with less gore is simply more intriguing and better to look at. {CPK}

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