Chen Wen “A–β

[born: 27 Dec 1958, Tao Yuen, Taiwan; bloodtype: A]

Chen Wen worked for a dozen design companies before starting his own studio, working as an illustrator and comic artist. He has pioneered the use of the Chinese calligraphy brush to draw modern manga, though this is an exacting process, where one tiny slip can ruin the whole page. Today he is one of Taiwan's most prominent mangaka. Chen Wen's hobbies include collecting models, swimming, reading, and watching movies. Most of his works were published in Taiwanese magazines. These works include: Leopard Warriors, Leopard Warriors II, The God of War, Story of the Assassins, The Armor General.

Heroes of the East Chou Dynasty
serialized on Morning, 1991
3 volumes @ Y1100
[ 01:9012| 02:9109| 03:9310]
About Chinese historical figures in the days of the East Chou Dynasty. Like Magical Super Asia, this was written for Koudansha, not a Taiwanese publisher.

Magical Super Asia [Profoundly Beautiful Asia]
serialized on Afternoon, 1992-94
5 volumes @ Y1200
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:9406| 05:9408]
A story of psychics/demi-gods, beast-people and demons, taking place in a near-future Asian setting. Some of the superb color pages featured characters which never turned up (or featured only briefly) in the story, suggesting that Afternoon editors cut it short.

serialized on Morning, 1995
Diviners, heroes, supernatural beings, Taoists and passers-by in 1995 Hong Kong. Irregularly serialized.

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