Yuuki Masami ゆうきまさみ

[born: 12 Jul, Hokkaidou; bloodtype: ?]

Before appearing on Shounen Sunday with Kyuukyoku Choujin R, he was known as an anime-parody manga artist. He is a well-known Tomino otaku and most of his parodies were on Gundam and other Tomino works.

Assemble Insert
published by OUTC,
1 volume @ Y620
[ 01:____]
A truly inspired parody of the super-powered crime fighter genre. Most of the character designs are caricatures, with a noticeable absence of noses. Full of in-jokes, and constant references to itself as anime. The hero is a 14 (or so) year-old girl with super strength, who has been enlisted by the police force to entertain the populace while they wreak havoc fighting the "Demon Seed" crime organization.


Kyuukyoku Choujin R [The Ultimate Superman R]
published by Shounen Sunday,
9 volumes @ Y370
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____| 06:____| 07:____| 08:____| 09:____]
wide-ban 4 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9108| 02:9109| 03:9110| 04:9111]
Yuuki Masami's first major work. Due to the high content of in-jokes, this manga might be hard to understand, but for those who have grown up with manga, anime and live-action stuff, this is a manga that you won't want to miss.

Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor [Mobile Police Patlabor]
serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1988-94
22 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8807| 02:8810| 03:8901| 04:8908| 05:9001| 06:9004| 07:9007| 08:9010| 09:9102]
[ 10:9105| 11:9108| 12:9111| 13:9201| 14:9204| 15:9206| 16:9211| 17:9304| 18:9307]
[ 19:9310| 20:9401| 21:9404| 22:9409]
wide-ban 11 volumes @ Y700
[ 01:9507| 02:9509| 03:9511| 04:9601| 05:9603| 06:9605| 07:9607| 08:9610| 09:9612]
[ 10:9701| 11:9703]
With the rapidly accelerating development of hyper-technology, a humanoid-like machine known as the "labor" is being used in every field of industry. However, it has created the new social menace of labor crime. In order to curb such crimes, the Metropolitan Police Department has established a special department, the 'Special Vehicle Section No.2'. It consists of a company of patrol labors - the "Patlabors".

Compared to the anime, the manga version focuses more on character development, and the jokes are more subtle. The manga also deals with many social, political and environmental issues in depth. There are several good artbooks available (see below). {VAJ}

See also: Patlabor homepage

TRA:(E)Viz Communications(I)Star Comics
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Patlabor Layout-shuu
published by Kadokawa Shoten,1994
1 volume @ Y1400
[ 01:____]
Patlabor artbook.

Magical Lucy
published by Rapport,
1 volume @ Y500
[ 01:9509]
No Synopsis.

Parody World
published by OUTC,
1 volume @ Y670
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Yamatotakeru no Bouken
published by OUTC,
1 volume @ Y670
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Yuuki Masami Shoki Kessaku Tanpenshuu
masterpiece short story collection
published by Shougakukan, 1994
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9409]
No Synopsis.

Jaja uma Grooming Up!
serialized on Shounen Sunday,
26 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9506| 02:9508| 03:9510| 04:9601| 05:9603| 06:9605| 07:9608| 08:9610| 09:9612]
[ 10:9703| 11:9707| 12:9711| 13:9801| 14:9804| 15:9807| 16:9809| 17:9812| 18:9903]
[ 19:9906| 20:9909| 21:9912| 22:0003| 23:0005| 24:0007| 25:0009| 26:0011]
Kuze Shunpei, second grade high school student, looses wallet and runs out of gas in the middle of Hokkaidou during Winter Break (cold!!). He gets rescued by Watarai Hibiki. The Watarai family has a horse-farm. In order to return home, he starts working at the farm. Not everyone in the family accepts him though. Gradually, he falls in love with Hibiki, one of the four Watarai-sisters. We follow the development of their love, the life of the rest of the family and of the horses over many years.

Jaja uma... is a nice series. It doesn't contain lots of action and has a slow pace. It's sometimes hard to see what the final goal of the story is. But the cast is likeable and the characters have been developed in depth over the years. Special attention is given to the life in Hokkaidou. Even more attention is given to the horses of course. Horses dominate the life of the Watarai family and hence also this manga. This horse-breeding language can get hard to understand sometimes but it doesn't stand in the way of enjoying the story. Romantic comedy. {PVH}

Tetsuwan Birdy [Birdy the Mighty]
serialized on Shounen Sunday,
1 volume @ Y1165
[ 01:9607]
anime comics 2 volumes @ Y800
[ 01:9612| 02:9703]
Birdy, a female space police agent, and Chigawa Tsutomu wind up sharing the same body. This is Birdy's punishment for accidentally wounding Chigawa.


Yuuki Masami no Hateshinai Monogatari [Yuuki Masami's everlasting story]
serialized on Newtype,
1 volume @ Y850
[ 01:9701]
No Synopsis.

Pangea no Musume Kunie
パンゲアの娘 KUNIE
5 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____]
No Synopsis.

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