Yazawa Ai 矢沢あい

[born: 7 Mar, Hyougo-prefecture; bloodtype: B]

Debut with "Ano Natsu" in 1985 on Ribon Original.

Gokinjo Monogatari [Neighborhood Tale]
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1995-98
7 volumes @ Y400
[ 01:9510| 02:9603| 03:9608| 04:9701| 05:9707| 06:9712| 07:9804]
Story of Kouda Mikako and Yamaguchi Tsutomu, childhood friends and now going to the same highschool. They seemingly like to pick on each other but deep down, they love each other. This series focuses on their love story and the loves, friendship, tears and laughter of all the characters around them. The story starts when a Nakatsu "Body-ko" Mariko, shows up at Tsutomu's place and kisses him (Tsutomu is popular with the girls because he resembles a pop star). Mikako is a witness, gets angry, runs away and starts to realize that she likes Tsutomu. The complete series has a picture on the spine.

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APG:(TV)(50)950910-960901(Toei Animation)

Irasuto Shuu: Welcome to the Gokinjo World [Illustrations collection]
published by Shuueisha,
1 volume @ Y1238
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Kaze ni nare!
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
1 volume @ Y360
[ 01:8806]
No Synopsis.

serialized on Ribon Mascot,
1 volume @ Y360
[ 01:8809]
No Synopsis.

Tenshi nanka ja nai [It's no Angel]
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
8 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9205| 02:9209| 03:9303| 04:9308| 05:9401| 06:9406| 07:9410| 08:9503]
Saejima Midori, freshman high school student at Hijiri Gakuen wants to become a member of the school student council. But she's humiliated, after giving her campaign speech as she trips from the platform and flashes her panties in front of all the students. Using this humiliation, and the fact that she carries the nickname "angel", she designs a campaign poster depicting herself as a baby angel with red checkered panties on. With this striking poster, she gets elected vice president of the student council.

Irasuto Shuu: Tenshi nanka ja nai [Illustrations collection: It's no Angel]
1 volume @ Y1800
[ 01:9410]
No Synopsis.

Baraado made soba ni ite
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
2 volumes @ Y370
[ 01:8906| 02:8909]
No Synopsis.

Usubeni no Arashi
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9208]
No Synopsis.

Marinburuu no Kaze ni dakarete
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
4 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9003| 02:9009| 03:9102| 04:9106]
No Synopsis.

15 Nen Me [The Fifteenth Year]
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
1 volume @ Y359
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Love Letter
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Kagen no Tsuki [Last Quarter]
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:9812| 02:____]
The story of a ghost and the children trying to help it. Adam is a singer, Mitsuki is the girl that is in love with him. When they are about to confess their love, Mitsuki dies in a car crash. Mitsuki becomes a ghost and meets a little girl searching for her cat. She helps her find her cat. The little girl and her friends try to find out who the ghost is, because Mitsuki doesn't remember who she is, and only knows that she wants to find Adam.

TRA:(I)Planet Manga

Paradise Kiss
Paradise Kiss
4 volumes @ Y857
[ 01:0004| 02:____| 03:____| 04:0206]
Hayasaka Yukari is a high school girl who's only dream is making her parents happy by studying very hard. Her life takes a turn when she's scouted as a model for the school's coming fashion festival. She gets noticed and meets the members of the amateur fashion brand "Paradise Kiss". This group is serious about designing clothing and over time, as Yukari gets to know the members, she becomes a model instead of a bookworm. Big selling manga in Japan.

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