Urushihara Satoshi うるし原智志

[born: 9 Feb 1966, Hiroshima-prefecture; bloodtype: O]

His name is not a pseudonym, but it is in reality written with other kanji, namely: 漆原智志

Urushihara is what one could call a soft-H artist. The women in his manga frequently (ie almost every page) show off some breasts (the nipples seem to be his trademark) but it usually doesn't go any further than that.

Legend of Lemnear
original work by Yoshimoto Kinji よしもときんじ
serialized on Nora,
3 volumes @ Y800
[ 01:9110| 02:9205| 03:9303]
Every volume contains a color gallery at the beginning, many of the pictures of this gallery are circulating in scanned form on the net.

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serialized on Nora,
3 volumes @ Y850
[ 01:9504| 02:9602| 03:9704]
2 volumes @ Y1800
[ 01:0304| 02:0304]
There is a color gallery at the beginning of each tankoubon.

Urushihara Satoshi is a well-known yuri author. Most of his stories feature girl-girl love. Chirality is a good example of this, one of the best yuri manga I've ever read. The world of the future is a ruined, barren wasteland where small groups of humans fight for their life against the GM, the robotic slaves of mad computer Gaia. Carol, a girl with superpowers, is on a quest to beat Gaia. She will be helped by four friends: Shiori, Vic the android, Shizuma the pilot and Patty the medic. Shiori, a pretty, naive young girl, is also Carol's one true love in the world... Volumes 1 and 2 have mildly erotic content, nothing beyond nudity and kisses. Volume 3, however, includes a long, very explicit scene of Carol and Shiori making love. {PAU}

Note on the reprint:
"Deluxe" B5 reprinting of original 3-volume set, each volume comes with 4-pages of color art and an audio drama CD. Since I don't have the original 3-volume set to compare with, I don't know if that means that some of the pictures in the color galleries were dropped for this new edition.

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Plastic Little
serialized on Nora,
1 volume @ Y800
[ 01:9404]
Plastic Little is an anime OAV, from 1994. Urushihara wrote the story and did the character design. The manga book is a spinoff of the anime; you should see the OAV before reading it. There are five post-OAV short stories in the book, each focusing on one of the anime characters. The anime: spaceship captain Koshigaya hunts alien monsters for a living. One day, Koshigaya meets cute girl Elize, who is being threatened by warlord Gaizel's soldiers. Koshigaya falls in love at first sight and rescues the young girl. It turns out that Gaizel killed Elize's father and is planning to destroy the whole planet. Captain Koshigaya then decides to help Elize and fight against Gaizel at her side. And BTW, captain Koshigaya is a girl too. Her name is Tita. {PAU}

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published by Gakken,
1 volume @ Y2100
[ 01:9711]
The book is divided in a number of sections, namely:
1. New Works I
2. Legend of Lemnear
3. Nora & Others
4. Game
5. New Works II
6. Chirality

Cell Works
published by Movic,
1 volume @ Y2000
[ 01:9405]
Gorgeous artwork by Urushihara. As usual, lots of the art feature nudity.

Vampire Master Dark Crimson
serialized on Magazine Z,
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:0010]
This is an erotic vampire story. Sion, a 12-year-old boy vampire, is for some reason fighting a jihad single-handedly against the "clients", beings which proclaim to be the gods and seek to rule over mankind. He has two "partners", 20-year-old Rein and 14-year old Helen, who function as his blood dolls and love slaves.

This manga should be highly satisfactory for fans of Urushihara eroticism. The clients are shameless exhibitionists, and their rulership over mankind mainly involves inducing everyone to succumb to their carnal desires. Sion's blood-sucking ritual involves penetrating the partner with both his fangs and another member of his body. There are gratuitous displays of nubile nude female bodies in every episode - of /everyone/ from clients to partners to the girls in the streets - and, in some episodes, on every page. There is also plenty of portrayal of sexual intercourse, although you won't find the kind of close-up details which are in more explicit H-manga.

In terms of story, it is kind of hard for me to comment on it at this point, since after one book, so much is still veiled in mystery. There seems to be an integral plot, but most of the scenes and pages are devoted to the eroticism anyway. (posted 30/11 on ram) {011}

From before the dawn of time people ("Crimsons") have been controlled by a deadly foe ("Clients") who think themselves gods. Now, at the turn of the twentieth century, the Crimsons still live in fear of the Clients. Powerful individuals protect themselves by making sacrificial offerings of live human beings.
Dark Hunter, Shion, is half-Crimson, half-Client - in other words a vampire. With his loyal sidekick, Rain, he wages an endless war against the Clients. When Shion meets Helen - a young girl whose family were butchered by the Clients - he makes a blood oath and takes Helen as one of his followers.
Why did Shion become a Dark Hunter? The mystery - hidden under the tattoo on his chest - forces him into a horrendous battle. {020}


Growlanser Character Collection
1 volume @ Y1890
[ 01:____]
Hardcover, 168 pages, 128 color pages, focusing on the characters of the Japanese Playstation game, Growlanser.

Legend of Langrisser: Satoshi Urushihara Illustrations
1 volume @ Y2205
[ 01:____]
Softcover, 106 pages, 98 color.

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