U-jin Vl

[born: 15 Jun 1959, Yamaguchi-prefecture; bloodtype: ?]

U-jin (a pseudonym) can be translated as 'Play Person'. The first character in his artists' name is in fact the character for 'to play' and is normally written in Hepburn notation as 'Yuu' and pronounced as a letter U in English.

A controversial, well-known H artist, with a "wide artistic envelope" and a distinctive style. "A very brilliant sicko, he has an uncanny ability to make very cute characters do very sick things." Apart from his manga work, he has done character design for anime and computer games.

Debut in 1980.

serialized on Young Sunday,
3 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:8906| 02:8912| 03:9004]
published by Cybele Shuppan,
7 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9306| 02:9307| 03:9308| 04:9309| 05:9310| 06:9311| 07:9312]
bunko 6 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:9511| 02:9512| 03:9601| 04:9603| 05:9604| 06:9605]
Due the general backlash against pornographic manga that began around 1991, Angel was pulled off the shelves for a while. However, it has since been reprinted, completely unaltered, with the addition of random dot stereograms, and two new volumes have been released in addition to the other material that was serialized on Young Sunday.



serialized on Young Sunday, 1992
4 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9204| 02:9209| 03:9303| 04:9310]
No Synopsis.

U-jin Brand
published by Studio Ship, 1991
6 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:8907| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____| 06:____]
No Synopsis.

Chou DNA Senshi Frogmen [Super DNA Frogmen Fighters]
published by Leed-sha, 1993
3 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9306| 02:9403| 03:9410]
Mebiusu, Zebiusu and Hebiusu are the three frogmen. Being a shapechanger, Mebiusu in human form makes friends with Rika-chan. But Rika-chan is under attack from various types of monsters. So, in his "frog"-form, Mebiusu together with his two companions protect Rika-chan. But what is the real reason that the enemies are trying to kill Rika-chan, moreover, is Rika-chan a normal girl?

Walking On
serialized on Morning, 1992
2 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:8805| 02:8901]
No Synopsis.

Nankyoku 28-gou
published by Scholar, 1994
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:9401]
bunko 4 volumes @ Y530
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____]
No Synopsis.

published by Cybele Shuppan, 1994
10 volumes @ Y580
[ 01:9406| 02:9407| 03:9408| 04:9409| 05:9410| 06:9411| 07:9412| 08:9501| 09:9502]
[ 10:9503]
No Synopsis.



published by Shufu Tomosha Hatsubai, 1994
1 volume @ Y2800
[ 01:9412]
No Synopsis.

published by Wani magazine-sha,
1 volume @ Y500
[ 01:8912]
bunko 1 volume @ Y480
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Himei wa o-shizuka ni
published by Wani magazine-sha,
1 volume @ Y480
[ 01:8812]
No Synopsis.

Kounai Shasei [Sketching in the school]

published by Leed-sha,
4 volumes @ Y420
[ 01:8904| 02:8910| 03:9005| 04:9104]
Translating the Kanji, you get what's in brackets. But with the same pronunciation and different Kanji, you get something quite sicko. The manga is a series of short stories with a twist. In every story, there are one or more high school girls involved.


Kanojo no inbou [The girl's conspiracy]
published by Scholar,
6 volumes @ Y530
[ 01:9502| 02:9505| 03:____| 04:9511| 05:9512| 06:9601]
Another title you could very easily misunderstand.

serialized on Action Comics,
1 volume @ Y480
[ 01:8806]
No Synopsis.

Taxi Driver
1 volume @ Y480
[ 01:8806]
No Synopsis.

published by Leed-sha,
2 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:9508| 02:9608]
No Synopsis.

Sakura Tsuushin [Sakura Diaries]
serialized on Young Sunday, 1995-present
20 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9510| 02:9602| 03:9605| 04:9608| 05:9611| 06:9702| 07:9705| 08:9708| 09:9711]
[ 10:9803| 11:9806| 12:9809| 13:9812| 14:9903| 15:9906| 16:9908| 17:9912| 18:0003]
[ 19:0005| 20:0007]
republished by Action Comics,
5 volumes @ Y819
[ 01:0108| 02:0109| 03:0110| 04:0111| 05:0112]
As described on the Shougakukan website: In the story, the college student Touma tries to study, but he is surrounded by pretty, sexy girls... This youthful drama with a touch of eroticism was created by U-Jin and is popular because of its beautiful and sexy illustrations.

Touma Inaba must reconcile chasing after his dreams and accepting the ugly and humbling realities of life. One of those realities is that he is adored beyond reason by his cousin Urara, even if he prefers to chase after dream-girl Mieko. Another is that Touma is one of the bigger jerks in shounen manga (readers, get in touch with your inner incestuous rapist, "she asked for it").

In fact, considering that his lustrous girly art would indicate that U-Jin objectifies women (a main character named Ooh La La?), oddly enough the women in Sakura Diaries are given more personality than usually allotted to such fan-service dolls, and are depicted as loyal, mutually-supportive, thoughtful, ganbare!-types, while the men are deluded, selfish, deceitful, manipulative s.o.b.s.

Note on the reprint:
Heavily abbreviated B5-size version of Sakura Diaries, still with many of the graphic scenes (so it is not a "cleaned-up" version), though the editing seems to be pruning of entire (groups of) chapters rather than "done selectively to focus on the main storyline". Additional unrelated short color vignettes (Earthly Paradise y) open each volume. Unrelated cover art. Warning: this abridged version must not have been very successful because finding book 5 is much harder than finding any other volume.

Puremia [Premium]
serialized on Burger,
deluxe 6 volumes @ Y700
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____| 06:____]
No Synopsis.

Loose Socks
knnrd rnbjr
published by Cybele Shuppan,
1 volume @ Y1500
[ 01:9611]
Artbook containing mostly CG illustrations. Softcover, 96 pages, 80 color.

Shampoo Colon
r b
published by Bingo Comics,
3 volumes @ Y619
[ 01:9904| 02:9905| 03:9906]
An abridged version of Angel, with chapters seemingly dropped with no rhyme or reason and replaced with sex trivia. Of course, for a manga like Angel, that doesn't hurt the "story" much, so the question then becomes "why?".

serialized on Bunkasha Comics,
6 volumes @ Y543
[ 01:9908| 02:9908| 03:9909| 04:9909| 05:9910| 06:9910]
No Synopsis.

Girls Rush
4 volumes @ Y286
[ 01:9912| 02:0001| 03:0002| 04:0003]
No Synopsis.

Kojin Jugyou Private Psycho Lesson
serialized on Young Sunday,
2 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9601| 02:____]
No Synopsis.

published by Bandai, 1993
1 volume @ Y2800
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Sakuranbo Tsuushin [Cherry Diaries]
published by Takeshobou,
1 volume @ Y1800
[ 01:____]
Despite the title, contains full-color art for main female in Angel, Juliet, Fobia, Nankyoku 28 Go, and lots of Urara from Sakura Diaries. For Mieko or Komi fans, better luck next time. Softcover.

serialized on Young Sunday,
10 volumes @ Y505
[ 01:0104| 02:0106| 03:0110| 04:0112| 05:0204| 06:0207| 07:0210| 08:0303| 09:0304]
[ 10:0306]
A return to the less grim, pre-Sakura Diaries style U-Jin comedy.

Candy (U-Jin Sweetgirls Illustrations)
published by Kadokawa Shoten,
1 volume @ Y1900
[ 01:0203]
Two-thirds of this U-Jin artbook is poorly organized, unindexed, full-color illustrations from Peach and the new art used on the Action Comics 5-volume Sakura Diaries (but still no Mieko and Komi). Then there's a paper figure for people who like to cut up their artbooks, followed by some B/W illustrations. Softcover.

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