Tony Takezaki トニーたけざき

[born: 15 Jul 1963; bloodtype: ?]

(a pseudonym)

A graduate of an Osaka design school, Takezaki is a versatile mangaka with a gross sense of humor. Major artistic influences include Ootomo and Umezu Kazuo (there are also many homages/parodies of their work in his manga). Takezaki used to draw doujinshi based on Sonoda's work, and got his big break when he was commissioned to do the AD POLICE manga. Takezaki also contributed to volume 2 of the Ariel manga anthologies.

published by Bandai, 1990
1 volume @ Y980
[ 01:____]
Various stories inspired by the AD Police anime; there's some serious stories, and some extremely flippant ones. Unravelling brains, Leon in Osaka, perverted boomers, it's all there. 25:00 reads left to right, is bilingual (English/Japanese, with a wild English translation), and even has a hilarious Western-style 'comic'. The anime bears little resemblance to the manga.

AD POLICE Ultimate City
published by Bandai, 1990
1 volume @ Y880
[ 01:9308]
Subtitled "The Another Story of BubblegumCrisis" (sic). The tankoubon contains a color section in front with a color art gallery. In the back, there are some technical files. No short stories here, a long story about a boomer trying to take control of the supercomputer Alex.

See also: AD Police homepage

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Kishiwada-hakase no Kagakuteki Aijou [Dr. Kishiwada's Scientific Affection]
serialized on Afternoon, 1991
12 volumes @ Y530
[ 01:9208| 02:9303| 03:9310| 04:9403| 05:9410| 06:9506| 07:9602| 08:9609| 09:9707]
[ 10:9801| 11:9805| 12:9810]
The hero is Dr. Kishiwada, a brilliant but demented scientist, who creates bizarre mechs, battles the forces of evil, or just mucks about. There are many parodies of B-grade SF movies and TV. Crazy, slick and very funny.

Probably the ultimate mad scientist manga. Though a little uneven in spots, at its best, it leaps off the page with a manic berserk energy tinged with a dark edge I'd previously only been able to find in American comics. Thus, Kishiwada is the first manga to remind me of Johnen Vasquez or Warren Ellis. It has inspired imitators (Sukatan Yarou's Kitamichi Masayuki) but no competitors. The first eight issues ran in Morning; after this is switched to Afternoon. Interesting to note that, about halfway through, stories are being collected in a different order than that in which they originally appeared. The numbering has been changed to meet the new order; he collects storylines together and puts the filler around them. {EIR}

serialized on Comic Self, 1992
1 volume @ Y780
[ 01:____]
Bio-weapons on the loose. Perfunctory, run-of-the mill story cranked out as raw material for the anime industry.

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