Tanioka Yasuji JXW

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]
[died: 13 Jun 1999]

Tanioka Yasuji came on the scene in the very end of the sixties and produced manga characterized by in-your-face and explosive humor.

He has introduced and popularized the old wives tale that boys get nosebleeds when aroused in manga. The 'nosebleed' thing is called hana-ji bu. (source: Mangajin #9)

From the Mainichi Shinbun, excerpt from his obituary:
Yasuji Tanioka, a popular cartoonist, died Monday of cancer in Tokyo's Shinjuku-ku. He was 56. Tanioka's works were referred to as "nonsense" cartoons. In the decade from 1965, his works underwent a boom in popularity. Several phrases originating from his cartoons entered everyday use. Among them: "Hanaji-bu!" "Bloody nose!" and "Asa!" "Mornin'!"

The leading characters in his cartoons were eccentric and self-assertive, often animals made into human form, such as a pipe-smoking cow.

In 1983, Bungeishunju Ltd., a publisher, presented Tanioka with an award for his cartoons. His final work, which ran in the weekly Shuukan Manga Sunday until April this year, was called "Nohohon-gotti."

21 Seiki no Asaa
1 volume @ Y581
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

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