Takada Yuuzou 高田裕三

[born: 21 Mar 1963, Toukyou-metropolis; bloodtype: ?]

Has been an assistant to Fujishima Kousuke and Hosono Fujihiko. Made his debut at the age of 20 in Biweekly Young Magazine (november 1983) with "Shuushoku Beginner".

Supoushon Kids
written by Takuya&MAT
serialized on Young Magazine, 1988
2 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:____| 02:8801]
Takada was apparently asked to include violent sex scenes; he joked that he didn't mind.

Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi - Everyday is Sunday
serialized on Action, 1988-89
2 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:8809| 02:8905]
anime comics 1 volume @ Y850
[ 01:9112]
About policewoman Takashita Yumi, who when necessary can muster great strength, and a carefree stage magician, Ichidaiji Touru, who has nothing to do other than walking around (he is waiting for the World Master Magician to re-accept him as an apprentice). In each story, the magician tries to explain a little bit about the tricks used in stage magic.

The second volume contains also a special story in two chapters about a school rock-group. The title of that story is "ora ga biito".

serialized on Bamboo Comics, 1989-91
1 volume @ Y560
[ 01:9107]
A mah-jong manga, of no interest to those not familiar with Japanese mah-jong rules. The second half of the manga is somewhat more interesting with a nice ghost story.

Tokonatsu Bank
serialized on Young Magazine, 1984-85
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Tour Conductor, Nikumori
serialized on Young Magazine, 1985
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Bannou bunka Neko Musume [The All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nukunuku]
serialized on Action,
1 volume @ Y2000
[ 01:9306]
republished by Futabasha,
1 volume @ Y667
[ 01:9712]
anime comics 3 volumes @ Y800
[ 01:9801| 02:9802| 03:9803]
Yuusaku is the top engineer for Mishima Heavy Industries, the company run by his wife, Akiko. Yuusaku believes that Akiko is no longer capable of looking after his son Ryuunosuke, and runs away with him. Akiko sends her minions after him, and a cat is badly injured in the chase. Yuusaku puts the cat's brain in his powerful prototype android, which becomes Ryuunosuke's 'big sis', Nukunuku! She helps to defend Yuusaku and Ryuunosuke from Akiko and her increasingly outlandish mecha.

Nukunuku was running in a magazine that folded shortly after the manga started, and the story wasn't long enough for one volume. After the successful OAVs were made, the character designer, Moriyama Yuuji もりやまゆうじ, finished off the manga so that a tankoubon could be published.

See also: Super Catgirl Nuku Nuku homepage

APG:(TV)(12)980107-980325(Ashi Production)

Shin Ban'nou bunka Neko Musume [The New All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nukunuku]
1 volume @ Y700
[ 01:9903]
No Synopsis.

Sazan Eyes [3x3 Eyes]
serialized on Young Magazine,
40 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:8810| 02:8905| 03:8910| 04:9002| 05:9006| 06:9011| 07:9103| 08:9106| 09:9109]
[ 10:9201| 11:9204| 12:9208| 13:9301| 14:9305| 15:9309| 16:9401| 17:9406| 18:9410]
[ 19:9503| 20:9508| 21:9601| 22:9605| 23:9608| 24:9612| 25:9704| 26:9708| 27:9801]
[ 28:9806| 29:9808| 30:9812| 31:9905| 32:9910| 33:0001| 34:0006| 35:0012| 36:0105]
[ 37:0110| 38:0203| 39:0211| 40:0211]
anime comics first series 4 volumes @ Y790
[ 01:9108| 02:9110| 03:9203| 04:9205]
anime comics second series 3 volumes @ Y950
[ 01:9508| 02:9601| 03:9606]
Yakumo, a reasonably ordinary high school student, one day runs into Pai, a strange girl bearing a letter from his dead father. Pai is believed to be the last of the Sanjiyan Unkara, a 3-eyed race with the ability to grant immortality. Yakumo soon finds himself on the verge of death, but Pai saves him by making him her 'Wu', a soulless, unkillable being. Pai wants to be human, and there are ways it can be done; Yakumo thinks it would be a nice to have his soul back, too.

So the quest begins, ranging across many countries, Pai's mind and the ancient land of the Sanjiyans. Fair slices of action, humor, intrigue, and solid art and storytelling - it belatedly won Koudansha's 1993 best shounen/seinen manga award, more on the strength of the first few volumes than anything churned out in recent years. Although Sazan Eyes has been consistently a big success in Japan and a fan-favorite all over the world, the commercial releases of the series elsewhere have not been successful.

The series' title is a wordplay on one of Takada's favorite Japanese Rock groups "Southern All Stars" (Sazan Ooru Sutaazu), with the word "southern" being pronounced as "sazan" in Japanese. So why the 3x3? That's because "sazan" is also the way Japanese say 3x3 in multiplication tables.

Volume 40 has been published in two version. The normal one, and a special version which contains also a PCgame サザンでパイ牌BAN^2 (Y1580).

See also:

TRA:(E)Dark Horse(F)Manga Player(I)Star Comics(G)Carlsen Verlag(S)
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Sazan Eyes Paper Crafter Book
published by Koudansha,
1 volume @ Y1575
[ 01:____]
This is a softcover "artbook". Actually, it's a collection of 3D cutout paper model figures. The book contains 132 pages, 100 pages are thick cardboard cutouts, 32 pages are b/w instructions and some manga art.

Aien Kien [Karmic Relations]
serialized on Young Magazine, 1993
1 volume @ Y1950
[ 01:9309]
This book's got a lot of colored Sazan Eyes illustrations, plus material from the days when he was a real green horn, and some CD jackets he has done for various Gundam-related merchandise. The last several pages of the book contains indexes and explanations of the illustrations much the same way Intron Depot contains Shirow's commentary, in both English and Japanese. Description of the different parts (102 pages): {DCH}
1. Sazan Eyes
2. Tokonatsu Bank
3. Tour Conductor, Nikumori
4. Everyday is Sunday
5. CD cover artwork
6. Monochrome illustrations
7. Index (explanation of all illustrations in two languages)

The Last Order
serialized on Young Magazine,
1 volume @ Y5000
[ 01:0002]
Contains 159 pages. Artvork from Sazan Eyes, Genzou Hitogata Kiwa. There are two books, one called "collection 1988-1999" and another one "posters". First one is hardcover, second one is softcover.

Aokushimitama Blue Seed
serialized on Bamboo Comics, 1992-present
2 volumes @ Y800
[ 01:9404| 02:9601]
anime comics 5 volumes @ Y780
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____]
Ancient gods return to Earth. Much like early 3x3 Eyes in terms of form and content. There is a TV anime, based on the manga, which was the basis for the "film comic". Appeared in Comic Gamma.

Special features:
The second volume contains a collection of rough sketches. The second volume contains a special story "Tonbo"
Some of the original color work is reproduced in the Tankoubons (four pages per volume)

APG:(TV)(26)941005-950329(Production I.G. and Ashi Production)

Genzou Hitogata Kiwa [Genzou's puppet Tales]
serialized on Afternoon,
3 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:9807| 02:____| 03:0212]
Refreshing story about Tsujimura Genzou, the puppetmaster with the ability to make puppets almost indistinguishable from a living being. The story takes place in feudal Japan and Genzou wanders around crossing the paths of people who need his abilities. But Genzou only uses his craftsmanship when he gets emotionally evolved in the case. Princess Kiku, who Genzou helped out in the first story, is in love with him and their paths cross several times. Otsuru, a girl Genzou rescued in the second story, is his sidekick. Takada started doing this series when he desired a change of pace and the Afternoon editor suggested that he'd do a historical drama set in Japanese civil war period with a puppet master as the main character. {PVH}

"The story is set in Japan in the middle ages. Tsujimura Genzo is a puppeteer whose heart has become as hard as stone due to the murder of his beloved wife. In each story, Genzo brings the dead back alive as puppets, and by doing so, he is able to solve mysterious incidents or help a dead man's soul. Kikuhime, a young "tomboy" princess is Genzo's companion, who helps him fight the villains." {020}

TRA:(I)Star Comics(F)(G)

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