Ashinano Hitoshi 芦奈野ひとし

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou [The Yokohama Shopping Trip Diary]
serialized on Afternoon,
10 volumes @ Y448
[ 01:9508| 02:9602| 03:9607| 04:9703| 05:9802| 06:9902| 07:0002| 08:0102| 09:0203]
[ 10:0303]
A highly recommended series. The stories have a sensitive, calm atmosphere full of nostalgia in a desolate and almost dreamlike world, which is the earth of the future where ocean levels have risen because of the greenhouse effect.

The main character is Alfa, a robot-girl who runs a cafe somewhere what seems to be almost the middle of nowhere. She is guarding the house until her owner returns. Few people visit her cafe, few people live around. There is the young boy, the aging man running a gas-station, a mystical creature called Misago living in the woods, and Kokone another robot-girl who brings Alfa a message and a present from her owner and becomes a good friend. The series has no clearly defined storyline, and readers searching for action or other thrills should perhaps skip it. A heartwarming manga.

Of special note are the color pages included with every volume. The soft and harmonious coloring is perfectly fitting with the mood of the story. Moreover, the facial expressions of Alfa and the other characters are just incredibly beautiful and cute. {PVH}

Set in a near-future world, which is slowly sinking beneath water, Alpha is a coffee shop on the edge of the Miura peninsula that is run by a robot called Alpha for a long-time absent owner. Alpha lives like a human being: She is on good terms with her neighbors and especially friendly with the gas station owner and Takahiro, the boy who lives with him. Another robot and good friend, Kokone, is a delivery girl. She brings Alpha a gift of a camera from the estranged owner of the coffee shop. In a world of fewer human beings with no major industry, mankind faces extinction. Each day is taken as it comes. Everyone is proud of their easygoing life. Alpha is understanding and mindful of this situation. {020}



Posutokaado Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Postcard Book
published by Koudansha,
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:9709]
No Synopsis.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Ashinano Hitoshi Gashuu
published by Koudansha, 2003
1 volume @ Y2800
[ 01:0303]
Yokohama Shopping Diary softcover artbook. Also includes a small paper model.

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