Sugiura Hinako 杉浦日向子

[born: 1958 ; bloodtype: ?]

Sugiura made her debut in Garo in 1980 with a story set in the Edo period (Tsuugenmuro no Ume). She searches her inspiration especially in that period. Descending from a family of kimono-makers, studying visual communications and design at school, she got interested in feudal and historical Japan, more specifically by the Edo period. (excerpted from Mangajin)

Edo e youkoso
1 volume @ Y437
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Higashi no Eden
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Hyaku Monogatari [One hundred Tales]
3 volumes @ Y1068
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____]
A hyaku monogatari are the collected writings of what was a popular pastime during the Edo period. People got together, lighted one hundred candles and told ghost stories, blowing out one candle for every story. The belief was, that when the last story was told, a ghost would appear. This series is based on that old habit and is thus a collection of beautiful (original stories by Sugiura) Edo-style ghost stories. {010}

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