Shinohara Chie 篠原千絵

[born: 15 Feb, Kanagawa-prefecture ; bloodtype: O]

Shinohara made her debut in 1981 with "Akai Densetsu" (Red Legend) in Coronet Winter issue. {DHI}

"She indulges a lot in supernatural stories. Her drawings are clean and action intensive. She usually grows the plot more than the character. She particularly good in drawing flying, floating stances. Good choice for horror/fantasy." {018}

Aoi no fuuin [Blue Seal]
serialized on Flower Comics, 1992-94
11 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9204| 02:9207| 03:9210| 04:9301| 05:9304| 06:9307| 07:9312| 08:9403| 09:9406]
[ 10:9409| 11:9411]
This is a pursuit and discovery story, similar in flavor to Mai the Psychic Girl. The heroine is actually an oni-queen, though she doesn't believe it until volume 2. She gets energy by draining it from other people, which I guess makes her something of a vampire. One of her pursuers becomes her protector. A friend of mine with no Japanese is picking it up for the artwork and visual story telling. {MCH}

Umi no yami, Tsuki no kage [Darkness of the sea - Shadow of the moon]
serialized on Flower Comics, 1986-91
18 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8706| 02:8709| 03:8711| 04:8802| 05:8805| 06:8808| 07:8812| 08:8903| 09:8906]
[ 10:8909| 11:9001| 12:9004| 13:9007| 14:9010| 15:9101| 16:9104| 17:9107| 18:9110]
Two twin sisters contracted a mysterious bacteria from a trip and suddenly gained enormous power. One psycho sister began trying to kill the other because they both loved the same man, while the other sister and her boyfriend began to flee as everyone else became innocent victims...
A classic Shinohara Chie gothic manga which is unfortunately handicapped by poor character design. {016}


Ryouko no Shinreijikenbo [Ryoko's records of appearances of spirits]
serialized on Flower Comics, 1988-91
4 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8803| 02:8903| 03:8912| 04:9103]
A woman with the ability to communicate with the spirits, is possessed by a white cat. Horrible things involving large evil spirits happen one after another. {009}

Ryouko has a very strong 'ki', which attracted the spirit of a guy, and those of other evil forces. Ryouko agrees to find this guy's body, and his spirit would protect her during her search. {018}

Sanninme ga kieta [A third Person disappeared]
published by Shougakukan, 1992
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9203]
While most of the students from the girls' dormitory were back home for the summer holidays, Chihiro witnesses a murder by Banri, a senior honor student. Then a second victim is found. {009}

Yami no Purple Eye [Purple Eyes in the Dark]
published by Shougakukan, 1984-87
12 volumes @ Y370
[ 01:8411| 02:8502| 03:8504| 04:8506| 05:8509| 06:8511| 07:8602| 08:8605| 09:8607]
[ 10:8609| 11:8612| 12:8703]
When her pupils turn purple, Michiko metamorphoses into a horrible monster. She's half feline. {009}

With this series, Shinohara has won the 32nd Shogakukan Manga Award in 1987.

Nanika ga yami de mite iru [Something Watching in the Dark]
masterpiece collection 3
serialized on Flower Comics, 1986
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:8606]
Having entered the high school of her dreams, Minako has seen something in the students' meeting room which she shouldn't have. What could the secret hidden in the meeting room possibly be? {009}

Houmonsha wa mayonaka ni [Midnight Visitor]
masterpiece collection 1
serialized on Flower Comics, 1984
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:8406]
Masami has finished her training session and returns home. But there she finds that something is not quite as it used to be. {009}

Mokugekisha ni sayounara [Farewell to the Eyewitness]
masterpiece collection 2
serialized on Flower Comics, 1985
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:8604]
Ryouko accidentally kills her teacher when he attempts to assault her. She tries to conceal the crime, but there seems to have been an eyewitness. {009}

Touboukyuukou [Runaway Express]
serialized on Flower Comics,
1 volume @ Y780
[ 01:9605]
Magazine reporter Natsumi comes across the scene of a murder and is captured by the youth who seems to have committed it. He insists he's innocent and the two go off to Switzerland together in pursuit of the real murderer! Includes this cover story and one other. {009}

Kootta Natsu no Hi [Frozen Summer Day]
published by Shougakukan,
bunko 1 volume @ Y600
[ 01:____]
A very ordinary summer evening, but the girl's fate has already started to spin wildly out of control. {009}

Soshite Gokai no Suzu ga naru [Then Five Bells Rang]
published by Shougakukan,
bunko 1 volume @ Y600
[ 01:____]
Whenever the crystal-clear sound of the bell rings out, she goes out to kill a man. An anthology of thrilling short stories including the cover story, and the author's debut work, "Red Legend". {009}

Sora wa akai Kawa no Hotori [The Sky nearby the Red River]
serialized on Flower Comics,
27 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9505| 02:9508| 03:9511| 04:9603| 05:9606| 06:9609| 07:9611| 08:9702| 09:9705]
[ 10:9708| 11:9711| 12:9802| 13:9805| 14:9808| 15:9811| 16:9903| 17:9906| 18:9909]
[ 19:9912| 20:0003| 21:0006| 22:0010| 23:0102| 24:0105| 25:0108| 26:0112| 27:0203]
Romantic fantasy manga based on the history of the Hittites (an ancient kingdom around 2000-1000 BC in what is now Turkey). A normal 15 year old Japanese student is dragged down into a puddle of water by a couple of hands which emerge from the water. When she resurfaces she finds herself into the Hittites' empire.

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