Shigeno Shuuichi しげの秀一

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

Initial D
serialized on Young Magazine,
27 volumes @ Y505
[ 01:9511| 02:9602| 03:9605| 04:9608| 05:9612| 06:9702| 07:9706| 08:9709| 09:9712]
[ 10:9802| 11:9805| 12:9808| 13:9811| 14:9903| 15:9905| 16:9908| 17:9912| 18:0004]
[ 19:0008| 20:0012| 21:0105| 22:0109| 23:0112| 24:0206| 25:0211| 26:0303| 27:0309]
Takumi is a high school student, and his father makes tofu. He has helped his father deliver tofu to the near hotels by car since five years ago. His car is not so good for race, but there was no driver that can win him at Akina down-hill pass because of his training. At first, Takumi did not intend to be a racer, but he convinced the racer would be only work for himself. His seniors established 'D project' and helped him be racer, and his career as an adept road-racer was widespead to Kantou region, as an ace in D project and Kunma-Ken. Initial 'D' is from 'Down-hill specialist of Akina pass'. {YRL}

Takumi Fujiwara spends his days working at his father, Bunta's tofu store. He delivers tofu to the hotels, driving a Toyota Trueno - an old car - up climbing winding mountain roads. Takumi has been making these trips since he was in junior high school, before he was old enough to get a driver's license. Now, at high school, he has honed driving skills that bewilder his classmates who are just learning to drive.
Mad about cars and crazy about driving, Japanese boy racers compete on late night mountain roads. Takumi was never really that keen on cars and only learned to drive so he can make the tofu deliveries for his father. But when he sees the speed and skills of the boy racers, he is drawn to the competitive world of racing and grows into a driving legend. {020}

APG:(TV)(13)991014-000106(Pastel)Second Stage

Bari Bari Densetsu
published by Koudansha,
special 20 volumes @ Y660
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____| 06:____| 07:____| 08:____| 09:____]
[ 10:____| 11:____| 12:____| 13:____| 14:____| 15:____| 16:____| 17:____| 18:____]
[ 19:____| 20:____]
No Synopsis.

Initial D: Shuichi Shigeno Artwork
serialized on Young Magazine,
1 volume @ Y2940
[ 01:____]
Softcover, 234 total pages (128 monochrome pages, 106 color pages).

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