Asaki Masashi 朝基まさし

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

Psychometer Eiji
written by Andou Yuuma 安童夕馬,
serialized on Shounen Magazine,
25 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9607| 02:9609| 03:9611| 04:9701| 05:9703| 06:9706| 07:9708| 08:9711| 09:9801]
[ 10:9803| 11:9805| 12:____| 13:9810| 14:9812| 15:9902| 16:9904| 17:9906| 18:9908]
[ 19:9910| 20:9912| 21:0002| 22:0004| 23:0006| 24:____| 25:0010]
What do you do when you're a high school student who seems completely normal at first glance, but are affected like Eiji with an extraordinary gift: psychometry? In touching an object or a person, he absorbs its memories and thoughts like a medium. Hard to hide a secret like that! An attractive female police inspector discovers his secret one day - and so Eiji finds himself thrust into the investigation of a serial killer. Will his sister become the next victim, as the assassin has promised? Time is short, prospects are dim, but this heroic duo will not stop without putting an end to the murderer's streak. In the mould of TV series like "Profiler," "Psychometer Eiji" gives us the adventures of a dynamic "police-medium" duo. {011}

He doesn't do well at school. He has no girlfriend. But he has never lost a fight. He is a typical high school delinquent. And his name is Eiji Asuma. True, he has special powers, but he keeps them to himself. You see, he can read incidents and memories from the past when he touches people or things. Yes, he has psychometric powers. Ryoko Shima, an expert profiler finds out about Eiji's powers and puts an end to his ordinary life as a high school student. Persuaded by Shima's charm, Eiji starts helping her investigation into an unsolved homicide. Difficult cases and evil stand in the way of both Eiji and Shima. What will happen to them? A mystery adventure featuring unique characters, "Psychometric Eiji" has been popular from its first episode in Shounen Magazine, and has been broadcast twice as a TV drama series, enjoying high viewing percentages of more than 20%. It has also been made as a game for Play Station. {020}

Kunimitsu no Matsuri
written by Andou Yuuma,
serialized on Shounen Magazine,
16 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____| 06:____| 07:____| 08:0206| 09:0208]
[ 10:0210| 11:0301| 12:0303| 13:0306| 14:0307| 15:0309| 16:0311]
No Synopsis.

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