Saimon Fumi 柴門ふみ

[born: 19 Jan 1957, Tokushima-prefecture; bloodtype: ?]

She is the wife of mangaka Hirokane Kenshi and has two children. It is rare to find female creators publishing in male magazines. Saimon Fumi is one of them. On top of it she's a very successful mangaka. Her manga has always real life as subject.

"Saimon Fumi is perhaps one of the best at drawing efficiency, the few strokes she put in basically is all you need to size her characters up, handsome, gorgeous, homely, angry, happy, etc. and to tell the truth, you can enjoy her characters much more that way in the long run. and the story, man the story, yes, there is life after the first kiss, there is more even after the wedding vow is exchange, most of Saimon Fumi's character are after the age of 24, a couple of years after graduating from college, old enough to have a taste of the real world, but still young enough to have a heart and longing for the dream, which clearly outlines Saimon Fumi's main audiences, the females between age 25 to 35, (and yes, some males, like me, also enjoy her works).
On top of that, is how Saimon Fumi tells the story, the various ways she analyses the psychology of each characters, as the forewords of her books say, reading her book can be like getting treatment for love. You can see the typecast around your daily life, "hey, that is xxx and yyy", etc. and what's even more scary sometimes, is "hey! that is Me!" Reading Saimon Fumi's book without knowing what is going on is pointless, (it certainly would be a waste of time if you buy it for the artwork alone, which is not very good), and I really don't think a younger person can understand and appreciate her stories. Most people, including Saimon Fumi herself, consider Asunaro Hakuso her best work." {CPK}

Oshigoto desu! - Women's Company [It is my work!]
serialized on Big Comic,
5 volumes @ Y980
[ 01:9510| 02:9607| 03:9701| 04:____| 05:9801]
Career-women manga. Three women, who left their job, start a business of their own. Their company, called Little Bird, consists of a retail kitchen goods outlet and a related restaurant supply firm. Over time, the women run into various business crises and opportunities. They also meet their share of sexism. (synopsis taken from Mangajin) {010}

Asunaro Hakusho [Asunaro White Paper]
published by Shougakukan,
4 volumes @ Y910
[ 01:9204| 02:9206| 03:9210| 04:9306]
Narumi and her friends, who got acquainted with each other at a cramming school, are growing to maturity through romance, broken hearts, sympathy, and so on. {009}

Toukyou Love Story
serialized on Big Comic Spirits,
4 volumes @ Y910
[ 01:9004| 02:9007| 03:9010| 04:____]
This series has made Saimon Fumi very popular because it appealed to the general public and was made into a highly successful live-action soap opera. The manga treats the relationships between four people, two men and two women. The delicate balance between their jobs, private life and love.

P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei [P.S. I'm Fine, Shunpei]
serialized on Young Magazine,
11 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:8106| 02:8108| 03:8110| 04:8201| 05:8207| 06:8211| 07:8305| 08:8310| 09:8402]
[ 10:8407| 11:8412]
No Synopsis.

Aishite Himeko-san [I love you, Himeko]
published by Akita Shoten,
bunko 2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:8112| 02:8202]
No Synopsis.

Age 35
serialized on Big Comic Spirits,
2 volumes @ Y951
[ 01:____| 02:____]
First meetings, betrayals, breakups, new starts. Men and women aged 35, searching for meaning in life's hard lessons. What will love bring? {009}

Bukku Endo [Bookends]
serialized on Big Comic Spirits,
2 volumes @ Y933
[ 01:____| 02:____]
Not one of her better works I am afraid. Fumi claims that after having finished she sees a lots of similarities with some of her earlier works. I just see a rehash of Asunaro Hakusho. Your basic two men, two women couple mix and switch, plus some mortal danger to increase tensions, etc.

The title, btw, is taken from Simon & Garfunkel's song with the same name, which also illustrates the positions between the characters in the book. {CPK}

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