Oh! Great 大暮維人

[born: 22 Feb ; bloodtype: ?]

The romaji transcription "oogureito" is a play on the English "Oh! Great". An H manga artist that has made the jump to more mainstream magazines. Debut with "September Kiss".

Engine Room [Engine Room, aka Silky Whip]
serialized on Hot Milk,
1 volume @ Y1000
[ 01:____]
Very nice art as is usual of Oh! Great.


Five [Five, aka Silky Whip]
serialized on Hot Milk,
1 volume @ Y1000
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Junk Story
published by Fujimi Comics,
1 volume @ Y1000
[ 01:9804]
Beautifully-drawn H manga collection.

Tenjou Tenge
serialized on Young Jump,
10 volumes @ Y590
[ 01:____| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:0011| 06:0106| 07:0112| 08:0207| 09:0212]
[ 10:0310]
The jump of Oh! Great to mainstream. Though he doesn't forget his roots and provides ample luscious female imagery in this manga. Daring, nudity, some sex but not H. There's also a plot line centering around Toudou Gakuen, which is a high school notorious for its martial arts clubs. There's also a omnipotent execution committee which guards the order on the campus and punishes students who are out of line. So, the school is essentially a battleground for the best martial artists who try to eliminate each other. The series starts with two freshmen who have no other goal than having everyone becoming acquainted with their fists. They are soon stopped by a powerful girl (Maya, can change her appearance from an elementary school type to a gorgeous babe, guess in which form she fights). She sends one of the two punks flying out of the window (Nagi), he falls into the school shower quarters right on top of Aya, who is Maya's younger sister (and equally gorgeous). Aya falls immediately head over heels with Nagi. Nagi and his companion continue making school life hell for those who are weaker and they don't go unnoticed by the school's execution committee. The committee decides to deal out a unrestricted sanction to the two. Nagi and Bob (his buddy) are utterly defeated and after that they decide to join Maya's club in order to become stronger and to take revenge for their punishment.

Tenjou Tenge is not very original ("Natsuki Crisis" comes to mind), but the artwork (i.e. the gorgeous girls) featured in this manga make up for the weaknesses of the story. {PVH}

Burn-Up Excess & W
serialized on Shounen Captain Comics,
1 volume @ Y552
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Majin - Devil
serialized on Weekly Shounen Magazine,
2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:____| 02:0110]
Kazuya Idetora is a very calm and collected young genius. His nickname is Decoppa. A strange rumor is going around at Decoppa's school when strange creatures called "demons" begin to appear and forever change his life. These demons increase in number due to the spread of a virus and wreak havoc on the entire world. Decoppa, who has an IQ of 200, manages to kill one of these demons - a "spider guy" who attacks his classmate Tomoe Ashihara. Harry, the "squirrel man" hears about this and approaches Decoppa, and Decoppa gets deeply involved with the demons simply by trying to help Harry. A mysterious scar filled with dark secrets appears on Decoppa's forehead. The story is filled with interesting characters: a strange scientist called "the Professor," who studies and mass-produces the demons; Tetsu, a mysterious demon himself; and Cat-Ear Girl. {020}

Himikoden Gengashuu [Himiko-den Conceptual Art Book]
published by Dragon Magazine Collection,
1 volume @ Y1900
[ 01:9906]
Color character design artbook for Himiko-den. Softcover, 96 pages, 48 color pages.

Air Gear
serialized on Weekly Shounen Magazine,
3 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:0305| 02:0307| 03:0310]
A manga about Air Treck, a futuristic roller-blading sport.

Take a typical Oh Great fighting title, tune down the violence and sex to make it suitable for the target audiences of Shonen Magazine, (but not too much.) and subject the story around things the current generation X Japanese are interested in, (at least, what the editors think those kids like) and you have Air Gear, which is what Oh Great is offering for his alternative short shonen manga slot after Majin ended.

It is really hard to classify this title, since it is not exactly a fighting manga, nor is it sport, comedy and fan service are part of the territory but not the focus. I guess the easiest way to describe it is it's a typical Oh Great title, dealing with a jr. high student, (notice the knock down on ages to suit SM) who want to be stronger, and start on a self-discovery journey while learning the craft of Air Track.

Air Track is a "thing" which is basically taking a pair of name brand sneakers, put two wheels on each shoe like an inline skate, but "equipped each wheel with a powerful mini motor, together with high performance suspension and air shock absorber." Then you have a pair of shoes which are "faster, jump higher, and more offensive oriented" than the regular inline skates. You can virtually go flying for a short distance, climb new height, and do more astounding tricks than ever before.

So is this book about a new sport? Hardly, this story is about people in gangs doing fighting with air track, mostly using wrestling moves from some famous Japanese pro wrestlers aided with air track to reach new height. And as most Oh Great titles, out lead male character Ikki Minami started out weaker than most, included the lead female characters Noyamano sisters, of the infamous, mythical gang "Sleeping Forest", (because once you encounter them, you go on an eternal sleep.) never mind how they are going to explain that this gang is made up w/ girls of high school, jr. high, and elementary school, or how they can afford such expensive air track, (each pair cost more than 100,000 yens.) or how they become so good at it, in the best Oh Great tradition, it is just that way.

I really have no major complaints about this title, after all, it is done by one of my favor mangaka, art work is always nice, pose shots are cool, even some of the sound effects drawing are original and artistic, since there are only one book so far there could not be too many holes in the story, yet. And there are many, many potential stories line to be explained or expanded on. So OG can either turn this into a long, great story or leave it short with all the holes intact and us fans unsatisfied. His track records indicate the odds are on the latter possibility. My specific problem with this title? That I am not of the target audiences, which mean X games, skates, and name brand sneakers mean absolutely nothing to me, they do not interest me, I read it more for the human story, and in this case Air Gear is pale in comparison to Tenjo Tenge. I will definitely keep reading Air Gear, but not with the same intensity as some others. {CPK}

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