Okazaki Takeshi 岡崎武士

[born: 29 Aug, Chiba-prefecture; bloodtype: ?]

One of a loose grouping of friends that includes CLAMP and Hagiwara Kazushi. Okazaki's art is strongly associated with the styles of those mangaka, and also Asamiya Kia. He was also probably a part-time assistant of CLAMP at one stage. Okazaki has drawn numerous short stories and parodies (of SD Gundam, Final Fantasy, Project A-ko, etc), but few of these have been republished.

Okazaki announced in an interview in Newtype in November 1994 that he will retire after finishing the "Elementalors" manga. The main reason for his retirement is that he has been suffering from a lung illness (a hole in his lung) and had been admitted to the hospital twice (puff mag 1, 1995). He has now effectively quit drawing and started a new career as an accountant.

Explorer Woman Ray
serialized on Nora, 1988-89
2 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:8812| 02:8911]
Derivative action-adventure stuff.

Lyrical Karen-chan
published by Kadokawa Shoten, 1992
1 volume @ Y680
[ 01:9303]
Karen is 175cm tall, too tall for her liking; and she cries easily.

Seireitsukai [Elementalors]
serialized on Nora, 1990-present
4 volumes @ Y800
[ 01:9011| 02:9201| 03:9311| 04:9707]
From the volume 1 blurb:

"In ancient times, minds and spirits dwelled in all the
materials on earth. At the end of a battle these minds dwelling in matter conquered the hostile matter of the enemy and
mutiplied. Sacred wars gave birth to the elementalors. fierce battles between the elementalors raged continuously in the struggle to create a new utopia."

"Kagura is an elementalor reincarnated in the present! After a billion nights, the battles of the elementalors have returned... but only one can rule. Kagura's long, fiery trial is about to begin. Now!!"

Winner of the "1997 (The First) Media Arts Festival award for excellence": "The "young" look of the pictures is fresh and well executed. This is an incredible story of a regular high school student's maturation into a strong and caring supreme ruler. This is a powerful work that connects intensely with the reader."

TRA:(F)Kraken(I)Planet Manga


written by Okawa Nanase
serialized on South, 1993
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9311]
Okazaki remarked that he enjoyed drawing this manga because "it is his true story". However, Okazaki and Okawa's (implied?) partnership did not seem to last long past the publication of Koi.

Exist: Popular Edition
published by Kadokawa Shoten,
1 volume @ Y2625
[ 01:____]
Softcover, 96 pages, 94 color pages.

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