Adachi Mitsuru あだち充

[born: 9 Feb 1951, Gunma-prefecture, Isezaki; bloodtype: AB]

Adachi has his own baseball team, called 'Vitamin A'. A lot of the manga Adachi makes centers around baseball. One of the words that frequently return is 'Koushien', the name of the place where the yearly final between the best high school baseball teams takes place. He made his debut in 1970 with "Kieta Bakuon" on Shounen Sunday DX, but got his breakthrough in 1978 with 'Nine', in which he developed the style for which he became famous. Adachi is very popular and belongs also to the club of "over the one hundred million copies sold" authors.

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serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1981-87
26 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8112| 02:8203| 03:8207| 04:8210| 05:8304| 06:8305| 07:8307| 08:8309| 09:8312]
[ 10:8405| 11:____| 12:____| 13:____| 14:____| 15:8501| 16:8504| 17:____| 18:____]
[ 19:____| 20:____| 21:____| 22:____| 23:____| 24:____| 25:____| 26:____]
wide-ban 11 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9205| 02:9207| 03:9209| 04:9211| 05:9301| 06:9303| 07:9305| 08:9307| 09:9309]
[ 10:9311| 11:9401]
Adachi's most successful work, made into 3 films and a 108-part TV series. It is loosely divided into three parts. In the first part, the main theme was the love triangle between Tatsuya, Kazuya, and Minami. Uesugi Tatsuya and Kazuya were twins, and Asakura Minami was the girl next door. The end of the first part is clearly marked by the death of Kazuya who got killed in a car accident.
The second part of Touch concentrated on Tatsuya trying to put himself into Kazuya's shoes. Tatsuya got "traded" from the boxing team to the baseball team for a picture of Lum with an autograph of Takahashi Rumiko. Tatsuya pitched the Meisei team into the second round of the regional tournament, but lost to Nishimura and Seinan High School in an extra inning game while pitching a no-hitter. Minami, who had been the baseball team manager, also became a member of the school's rhythmic gymnastics team. Minami did exceptionally well and made it to the national tournament. The third part of Touch concentrated on Tatsuya making himself good enough for Minami. Meisei got a new coach because the old coach got sick. The new coach worked the team like the devil. But it paid off when Meisei made it to the finals of the regional tournament to face Nitta and Sumi Technical High School.


TRA:(I)Star Comics

APG:(FILM)860412Sebangou no nai Eesu
APG:(FILM)861213Sayonara no Okurimono
APG:(FILM)870411Don't Pass Me By

Tatchi Irasuto Shuu [Touch Illustrations Collection]
published by Shougakukan,
1 volume @ Y1500
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1978-79 (shouwa 53/10-shouwa 54/5)
5 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:8004| 02:8104| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____]
wide-ban 2 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9004| 02:9005]
bunko 3 volumes @ Y600
[ 01:9701| 02:9701| 03:9702]
High school sports (mainly baseball) and romance story. 3 TV movies were made. The work that established his name in Japan as mangaka. Katsuya and Susumu join the Seishu baseball team. They've never played baseball before but they don't want to disappoint Yuri, a girl Katsuya recently met for the first time. Surprise: Yuri is the coach's daughter. Katsuya loves Yuri, and vice versa. But Yukimi too falls in love with Katsuya and causes trouble... Who will end up with who, and will Seishu team have success? The last chapter is IMO the best when Katsuya gets to babysit four little siblings who are little devils to begin with but who end up being angels.



serialized on Big Comics, 1980-84
12 volumes @ Y360
[ 01:8102| 02:____| 03:____| 04:____| 05:____| 06:____| 07:____| 08:____| 09:____]
[ 10:____| 11:____| 12:8412]
wide-ban 5 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9005| 02:9006| 03:9007| 04:9008| 05:9009]
bunko 4 volumes @ Y581
[ 01:9711| 02:9711| 03:9801| 04:9801]
Wakamatsu Masato lives with his step-sister, Miyuki, whom he does not have blood relationship with. Their father is always working oversea (in fact, he has not appeared in the manga at all...) and left the two of them living by themselves in Toukyou. Miyuki is cute, nice, sensitive and very popular among guys around Masato. Masato has a girlfriend at school whose name is Kajima Miyuki, who is pretty and gentle, the ideal dream of every highschool boy. It took years for Masato and his sister to realise whom they love and care most after a lot of events. The manga is very nicely written, with excellent layout, interesting story and character developments, refreshing art style and filled with youth and emotion. It also shows the dramatic improvement of the author's skill.

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APG:(TV)(57)830331-840420(Kitty Films)

serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1987-89
12 volumes @ Y370
[ 01:8709| 02:8711| 03:8803| 04:8805| 05:8807| 06:8809| 07:8812| 08:8903| 09:8906]
[ 10:8907| 11:8909| 12:8910]
wide-ban 6 volumes @ Y700
[ 01:9410| 02:9412| 03:9502| 04:9504| 05:9506| 06:9508]
Adachi probably got the idea for this manga from Romeo and Juliet. Yamato Keisuke and Ninomiya Ami are the offsprings of two rival families. Both families are confectionery shops, and have been trying to defeat each others for generations. Two generations ago, Ninomiya grandfather came up with an idea of an owl-shaped cake, but Yamato grandfather quickly thought of a similar thing but with ears. Because they were of same price and the Yamato's ones has extra ears, the business of Ninomiya suffered, and Ninomiya grandfather fell ill consequently, worrying about his business. Before his death, his last words were "I was killed by the Yamato's". This put the two families in extreme enemy situation. In this generation, however, as Keisuke's interactions with Ami increases, he fell for the one who is most difficult to deal with. The manga in general probably appeals more to non-baseball-fans than Touch. The story is interesting, exploring interactions between different kinds of relationships in depth (the friendship between the five guys is especially impressive). Distinct art style and layout. Nice sense of humour.


TRA:(I)Star Comics

Slow Step
serialized on Ciao, 1986-91
7 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:8705| 02:8711| 03:8809| 04:8904| 05:9003| 06:9010| 07:9107]
bunko 4 volumes @ Y580
[ 01:9509| 02:9509| 03:9509| 04:9509]
High school softball and boxing and romance story. One of the very few shoujo manga that Adachi did. This manga focuses on the love triangle relationship among Nakasato Minatsu, Akiba Shuu and Kadomatsu Naoto. In an unusual circumstance, Minatsu disguises herself into a girl who looks completely different (to avoid being recognised by some gangsters), but on her way she bumped into Naoto, thus made Naoto fell in love with this "version" of Minatsu. The manga is a lot of fun, especially the part when Minatsu has to change over to Maria (her name when she is in her other "version") all the time when Shuu and Naoto are at the same place.


serialized on Shounen Sunday,
34 volumes @ Y400
[ 01:9301| 02:9303| 03:9306| 04:9308| 05:9311| 06:9401| 07:9404| 08:9406| 09:9409]
[ 10:9501| 11:9504| 12:9507| 13:9508| 14:9509| 15:9601| 16:9605| 17:9607| 18:9610]
[ 19:9701| 20:9704| 21:9706| 22:9708| 23:9711| 24:9802| 25:9804| 26:9807| 27:9809]
[ 28:9812| 29:9903| 30:9906| 31:9908| 32:9910| 33:0001| 34:0003]
Highschool baseball/romance story, with two heroes and two heroines Kunimi Hiro a very good pitcher / Hideo Tachibana a very good batter, Koga Haruka / Amamiya Hikari. All names begin with an H, Hiro and Hideo mean or sound like hero, what explains the title. Hiro and his partnering catcher Noda have to quit playing baseball on doctors orders. As their dream is shattered they enter Senkawa senior high, a school without baseball team. Meanwhile Hideo continues to pursue his dream. Hikari is the girlfriend of Hideo and grew up together with Hiro. Haruka loves baseball and tries to establish a team in Senkawa. Events take a turn when Hiro and Noda hear that the doctor was a fraud and that they are healthy after all. They decide to stay in Senkawa and together with Haruka (who falls in love with Hiro) they found Senkawa's first baseball club. Of course, Hiro and Hideo will eventually play against each other on the field. H2 is Mitsuru's lengthiest work and quite popular, but it is not his best work. Overall, Touch wins it from H2 easily on the basis of its better storyline and a lot more humour.

Special features:
Every tankoubon features as cover a close up shot of one of the four main protagonists. Each protagonist returns every fourth volume. There is no original color work inside.

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H2 Irasuto Shuu [H2 Illustrations Collection]
published by Shougakukan,
1 volume @ Y1500
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Ah! Seishun no Koushien [Ah! Youthful Koushien]
written by Yamasaki Juuzou やまさき十三
serialized on Flower Comics, 1977-79
7 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:7708| 02:7710| 03:7805| 04:7807| 05:7809| 06:7908| 07:7908]
No Synopsis.

Short Program
published by Shougakukan, 1988
1 volume @ Y980
[ 01:8810]
Collection of 8 short manga stories from between 1985-87. 1. Kinkyou [Recently] [1987]
2. Kousaten mae [Before the junction] [1986]
3. Shooto Puroguramu [Short Program] [1987]
4. Teiku ofu [Take off] [1988]
5. Chenji [Change] [1985]
6. Purasu 1 [Plus one] [1986]
7. Murasaki [1985]
8. Nani ga nandaka [What is what?] [1985]

TRA:(E)Viz Communications(F)Tonkam

Short Program 2
published by Shougakukan, 1996
1 volume @ Y1100
[ 01:9606]
Second collection of 10 short manga stories from between 1988-95. Twenty full color pages are included.
1. Haru ga kuru mae ni... [Before the coming of spring]
2. Wakaba maaku [The sign of Wakaba]
3. Tochuu Gessha [Stop in between]
4. 5X4P
5. Shindo 4 [Four on the scale of Richter]
6. eesu wo tsubuse! [Waste the ace!]
7. supuringu kooru [Spring call]
8. yuku Haru [Coming Spring]
9. Kaerimichi [The Way back]
10. Sayonara geemu [Farewell game]

Niji-iro Tougarashi [Rainbow-coloured chilli]
serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1990-92
11 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9008| 02:9010| 03:9103| 04:9106| 05:9108| 06:9110| 07:9111| 08:9112| 09:9203]
[ 10:9204| 11:9205]
wide-ban 6 volumes @ Y700
[ 01:9604| 02:9606| 03:9608| 04:9610| 05:9612| 06:9702]
A story of six brothers and one sister. They share the same father but different mothers. Their father is the shougun of the kingdom, but the siblings do not know their father. In the story the siblings try to find out about their roots.


Hiatari Ryoukou [Sunlight around!]
serialized on Flower Comics, 1980
5 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:8011| 02:8102| 03:8104| 04:8106| 05:8108]
wide-ban 2 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9105| 02:9106]
bunko 3 volumes @ Y580
[ 01:9608| 02:9608| 03:9608]
High school romantic comedy.

Kasumi Kishimoto is 15. Having arranged to stay with her aunt, she is surprised to learn that the other four people in the house are all male.
APG:(TV)(48)870329-880320(Kitty Film and Asatsu)
APG:(FILM)881001Ka-su-mi Yume no naka ni Kimi ga ita

Shousetsu Hiatari ryoukou!
serialized on Flower Comics,
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Sekiyou yo nobore!! [Evening sun rises!!]
written by Yamasaki Juuzou やまさき十三
serialized on Flower Comics, 1980
2 volumes @ Y340
[ 01:8002| 02:8005]
wide-ban 1 volume @ Y680
[ 01:9112]
The second tankoubon in the original edition also contains a short story entitled: Nakayoshi Uta. (title could be read as: Yuuhi yo nobore!!)

Yuko Sawaki, who likes watching the sunset, meets the Katsuragi twins in fencing class. But the older Ken'ichi has a secret. {009}

Gamushara - Mou Hitotsu no Koushien [Reckless - One More Koushien]
serialized on Shounen Sunday,
2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:8709| 02:8911]
No Synopsis.

Ganbare onna no ko!
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Nakimushi Koushien [Crybaby Koushien]
written by Yamasaki Juuzou やまさき十三
serialized on Flower Comics,
2 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9310| 02:9310]
bunko 3 volumes @ Y533
[ 01:9707| 02:9707| 03:9707]
Although she's the daughter of a baseball team manager, Natsuko hates baseball. But when Akira Ootomo comes to live with her family, she mysteriously develops an interest in the ballgame. {009}

Hatsukoi Koushien [Firstlove Koushien]
serialized on Flower Comics,
wide-ban 1 volume @ Y660
[ 01:9308]
bunko 1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:9807]
Junko Tachibana, a manager of the baseball club of Wakaba High School, is the Madonna of the team. Sawamura, her first love, is an ace batter. Happy and sound love story. {009}

serialized on Big Comic Original, 1992-97
1 volume @ Y1100
[ 01:9707]
A number of short stories revolving around Jinbee (which is the nickname of the man, a Jinbei is a kind of whale) and Miku. Miku is a high school girl (somehow she reminds me of Miyuki) and Jinbee is her stepfather. When Miku's mother and real father divorced, her mother remarried with Jinbee. Unfortunately she died a few years before the beginning of the story. Miku's natural father tries to get her back. Throughout the story there is the underlying theme of incest, but Mitsuru perfectly succeeds in treating the subject very careful and it never becomes vulgar. All stories contain color pages. The stories have been very irregularly featured over time: one chapter every year. A Big Comic Special tankoubon. Recommended for someone who wants to read a touching story about human relationships with a lot more depth than usual. {PVH}

Heart no A (Ace) [Ace of Hearts]
serialized on EC comics,
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Oira Houkago Wakadaishou [We are afterschool Young Generals]
serialized on EC comics, 1979
2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:____| 02:____]
No Synopsis.

Shoki Kessakushuu [Early days' Masterpiece Collection]
masterpiece collection
3 volumes @ Y740
[ 01:9808| 02:9808| 03:9811]
No Synopsis.

Itsumo Misora [Always Beautiful Sky/Misora]
serialized on Shounen Sunday,
5 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:0009| 02:0012| 03:0103| 04:0105| 05:0107]
Misora is the name of the 13 year old straight forward type of girl, who likes physical activities like kickboxing, running etc. She and her two friends have apparently a grudge against another trio of youngsters. It all started when they attended a summer camp four years before. There Misora and her friends got framed by the other trio for a theft they didn't commit. On the trip, Misora also encounters a stray cat that attached to her. That same night they wanted to settle their dispute by fighting at a shrine. At the same time, fireworks began and a miscalculated hit set fire to the shrine. Misora managed to save the holy object from the shrine. Just before passing out, she sees an old man thanking them and making a promise.

Now, as her thirteenth birthday approaches, Misora is having dreams about that summer trip and it seems to her that there will happen something on the date of her birthday, as if she'll receive something that was promised to her...

With Itsumo Misora, Adachi delivers a fun story that is not too much centered on sports like his former H2 series was. That doesn't mean that it doesn't contain sports. In fact it contains lots of sports scenes. But they don't dominate the whole story.

serialized on Shounen Sunday,
9 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:0202| 02:0203| 03:0205| 04:0208| 05:0211| 06:0301| 07:0304| 08:0307| 09:0310]
By playing with the name game again like in H2, this time Adachi introduces two people with the same name, (but writing differently in kanji). One Katsu (f) is the daughter of a former pro boxer champion, who is a natural born boxer but hates boxing because she dislikes her divorced father, she already declared that she won't marry anyone, or have anything to do with people in boxing. The other Katsu (m) is also the son of another former boxer, the only difference is his dad never told his family about his past. He started to join her dad's boxing club thinking he can get closer to her, before he knew of her dislike for boxing. Even though he is a total amateur and started to learn boxing by mistake, he does show good reflexes and instinct to be a good boxer. Of course, the story will continue with the improvement of his boxing skill and the relationship between the two Katsu's. Currently we have Katsu (f) training under Katsu's (m) father for an upcoming fight.

As Adachi's story goes, this is not a bad beginning, so far everything is enjoyable, not too much dragging at all. All the foreshadowing are lay out in nice, clear view with no hidden agenda at all. Is this a better boxing title than Monaco no Sorae? No. Is this a better romance comedy? Maybe. The two things are so darn close, even right down to the fan service shots, that I can recommend both. {CPK}

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