Nishimori Hiroyuki 西森博之

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

Kyou kara ore wa!! [From today I'll...]
serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1989-present
38 volumes @ Y400
[ 01:8912| 02:9005| 03:9010| 04:9103| 05:9104| 06:9106| 07:9109| 08:9111| 09:9201]
[ 10:9203| 11:9205| 12:9207| 13:9210| 14:9302| 15:9305| 16:9307| 17:9310| 18:9312]
[ 19:9403| 20:9406| 21:9408| 22:9412| 23:9503| 24:9506| 25:9507| 26:9511| 27:9603]
[ 28:9605| 29:9608| 30:9610| 31:9701| 32:9703| 33:9705| 34:9707| 35:9709| 36:9712]
[ 37:9802| 38:9803]
Mitsuhashi doesn't want to be the victim of school bullies anymore. He changes his appearance and behaviour when going to a new school. So, he becomes a delinquent instead.

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Amaku Kikenna Nanpa-deka [Sweet, Dangerous, Skirt-chasing Cop]
serialized on Shounen Sunday,
2 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9010| 02:9012]
Aizawa the B-grade gumshoe, is weak, flippant, selfish and irresponsible in matters of money and women. But Aizawa the man stands for justice and peace, waging a daily struggle against evil. {009}

Supinnauto [Spinning out]
4 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9903| 02:9905| 03:9906| 04:9907]
One day, Satsuki and Makoto are invited to an "alien world," and in harsh conditions, the King of the world seeks to kill them. {009}

Tenshi na Konamaiki [A Cheeky Angel]
20 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9909| 02:9912| 03:0003| 04:0006| 05:____| 06:0011| 07:____| 08:0104| 09:0106]
[ 10:0109| 11:0111| 12:0201| 13:0204| 14:0206| 15:0209| 16:0212| 17:0302| 18:0305]
[ 19:0308| 20:0309]
What is the story about? Well, it's basically a fairly simple story of a boy, a girl and a spell gone wrong. Fifteen year old Megumi Amatsuka is the girl of every guy's dreams where ever she goes - her hair, face and body stop everyone in their tracks, even the girls. However, there is one little problem - 6 years before Megumi was a hotheaded boy, who made the mistake of saving a mysterious old magician, then demanding a reward for it. So the magician gave him a magic book with a tiny harlequin genie inside and disappeared. Megumi demanded that the harlequin turn him into the "manliest man on the planet". The harlequin instead as a prank turned Megumi into a girl. Megumi got so upset that he pitched the magic book into the river in a fit of anger. Only Megumi's childhood friend Miki Hanakain remembered that Megumi had been a boy - everyone else's memories, and even photos, are of Megumi as a girl.
So now at 15 Megumi is still hot tempered and still quite good with martial arts, much to everyone's surprise considering Megumi's appearance. Megumi also has difficulty speaking like a girl. So the stage is set for a really odd comedy/fantasy. {011}

APG:(TV)(51)020406-030330(Tokyo Movie Shinsha)

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