Nanase Kai 七瀬かい

[born: 10 Dec, Shizuoka-prefecture, Kiyomizu ; bloodtype: A]

She's more of a short-story writer and most of her works tend to be humorous. She made her debut with "Saigo no Negai" on Love&Love in 1994.

Sensei ga Oki ni iri
serialized on Be Boy Gold,
1 volume @ Y600
[ 01:9711]
No Synopsis.

Kagi no nai Heya [The room without a key]
published by Takeshobou,
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9808]
A collection of short-stories. Main-story is about a young man who moved to a new place but soon he's being terrorized by pervert callers and the likes... {DHI}

Hanataba wa dare no mono [To whom belongs this bunch of flowers]
serialized on Be Boy,
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9512]
Yuiko is dead. At least for everyone except Kouhei. One night her ghost comes to him and asks him for one last favour. She wants Kouhei to kiss his best friend and her secret love Takashi in her place. Of course Kouhei isn't too eager doing this... although he realizes he does have a crush on Takashi... {DHI}

S Conpurekkusu [S Complex]
serialized on Be Boy Gold,
1 volume @ Y600
[ 01:9808]
This one is a collection of Nanase's Shotakon-stories. First a little explanation what Shotakon is. It's the Yaoi-equivalent of the infamous Lolikon and thus features sex-stories between grown men and cute little boys. IMHO not the best kind of entertainment but Nanase handles this conflicting theme with enough humor and weird story-twists to make it entertaining. {DHI}

Bara no Kaitou [The mysterious thief of roses]
published by Houbunsha,
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9507]
No Synopsis.

Reitou Hozon no Koikokoro
published by Houbunsha,
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9808]
One day Masato awakens in bed with another man and he has no idea what has happened. It appears that he actually lived with this man together but Masato just can't imagine at all that he had a relationship with another guy. Gradually his memory returns... {DHI}

Sebuntiin Maadaa [Seventeen Murder]
published by Houbunsha,
2 volumes @ Y580
[ 01:9807| 02:____]
After 1 year and 3 months Akira suddenly appeared again in his hometown. He was thrown out of a car and has no memories of what has happened in those past months at all. Akira tries to lead a normal life again but this is getting pretty heavy as there seem to be certain guys around who for whatever reason really have the hots for Akira. This starts the real horror in Akira's life and the most terrifying thing ever happens just at his 17th birthday... {DHI}

2 volumes @ Y819
[ 01:9805| 02:9810]
No Synopsis.

Ore no Teddybear [My Teddybear]
serialized on Breath,
1 volume @ Y600
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Kazoku Game [Family Game]
published by Scholar,
1 volume @ Y485
[ 01:9705]
No Synopsis.

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