Nagano Noriko 永野のりこ

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

Nagano always wanted to become a mangaka, but she found a job before (even though she was sending in works to publishers at the end of her job-hunting period). After that she became a mother and housewife. But she wanted something more fulfilling than simply being a housewife. She admits being influenced by Hanawa Kazuichi, in particular by his "Niku Yashiki" (Estate of Flesh) and by Mizuki Shigeru. She made her debut on Shounen Captain.

Nagano Noriko is a resident manga artist for Tokuma Shoten. Her manga are known for their twisted humour, association with otaku culture, and endless variations on the "geek meets girl" theme. Nagano's 'Megane-kun' character, who resembles Brains (from Thunderbirds), appears in all her manga. A full list of her published work appears as an appendix to Ken nii-chan.

Sci-Fi Motion
published by Tokuma Shoten, 1986
republished by Ascii, 1995
1 volume @ Y640
[ 01:9508]
Nagano's first major manga; at least one new installment was published on Comic ASCII in 1994.

Don't desert me Daisy
serialized on Shounen Captain Comics, 1989
3 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:____| 02:8811| 03:8908]
Most of Nagano's manga, starting with this one, feature the same basic plot: a shy nerd falls in love with a beautiful girl, but she doesn't want anything to do with him. Rapidly becoming obsessed, the nerd uses his scientific genius to spy on her and win her over.

Kure Kure Tama-chan [Give Me Tama-chan]
published by Tokuma Shoten, 1987
1 volume @ Y880
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

God Save the Sugekoma-kun
serialized on Young Magazine, 1992-present
12 volumes @ Y530
[ 01:____| 02:9310| 03:9408| 04:____| 05:____| 06:9507| 07:9601| 08:9608| 09:9702]
[ 10:9708| 11:9801| 12:9803]
A series of short stories centering on Sugekoma, a highschool prodigy with severe behavioural problems, and Miss Matsuzawa, the teacher who he ties up all the time. It's a big send-up of S/M cliches, H manga, SF, and the otaku mentality. Nagano's art is at its most refined in this manga. There are minor subplots concerning other students - e.g. Junko Fujieda, who can't stand perverts, they make her violent; and Murata, a masochist who's infatuated with her. "A Takahashi Rumiko manga on all imaginable drugs."

Science Boy Zeroichi-kun
published by Ascii, 1993
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:____]
Probably Nagano's most warped manga, consisting of short SF stories and various self-indulgences.

Ken nii-chan
serialized on Comic Raising (Wani magazine-sha), 1994
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:____]
A mad scientist, Ken, comes after his childhood playmate Megumi - now a university student - holding her to a promise she made when she was 3 years old. Slightly more racy than her other manga.

Nagano Land
published by Tokuma Shoten, 1994
1 volume @ Y990
[ 01:9412]
A compilation of two unusual manga that were - serialized on Animage in the late 1980s. The first, Majokko Son-Son 魔女っ子ソンソン, appeared in the margins of the letters pages, 120cm wide x 1cm high. It was originally space-filler for anime song listings. Beat Paradise おちこみ天国 was a series of nostalgic ramblings about anime and Nagano's childhood. Most of her stock characters appear as narrators; Hakase-kun (Megane-kun), Anime-kun, Zo-kun, Baba, Nagano herself, and Muska (the evil agent from Laputa).

Manga Hishou!! Kaby Rich Daisaku-sen
マンガ 必勝!! 株リッチ大作戦
cooperation with Kimura Keiko 木村佳子
1 volume @ Y980
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Otaku no Goshujin
published by Take Shobou, 1993
1 volume @ Y700
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Honeymoon Planet
published by Ascii, 1994
1 volume @ Y580
[ 01:9401]
Contains another list of all Nagano's published work to date.

Mogukko Mog-tan
irregularly featured on Animage, 1993-present
No Synopsis.

Denpo Odessei
published by Ascii,
1 volume @ Y590
[ 01:9612]
No Synopsis.

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