Mita Ryuusuke 見田竜介

[born: 24 Aug 1967; bloodtype: AB]

His partner is Ogishima Chiaki, also a very talented mangaka. They have a common home page. Mita has been drawing since 1988.

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Dragon Half
serialized on Fantasia Comics,
6 volumes @ Y900
[ 01:8905| 02:9005| 03:9105| 04:9205| 05:9304| 06:9404| 07:9506]
serialized on Dragon Comics,
aizouban 3 volumes @ Y1200
[ 01:9801| 02:9802| 03:9803]
Mita-sensei's first, and least ambitious, series; he managed to stick with pretty much straight parody. To be frank, I find it sort of dull; he hadn't quite reached the excesses in art and storytelling that make his later work so interesting. Dragon Half is just kind of silly. {EIR}

The last volume has 86 pages to finish the series, then a bonus Dragon Half episode, and some notes on creation.

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Aitenmeiou Monogatari
serialized on Afternoon,
2 volumes @ Y520
[ 01:9809| 02:9905]
Probably Mita-sensei's biggest failure, Aiten was a bizarre attempt to do a modern day fantasy horror, overlayed with massive amounts of symbolism from both East and West, none of which really went anywhere, as this was killed quite quickly. He managed to give it a fair ending, but didn't really manage to make all the set up pay off. Possibly the concept was too serious for the amount of humor he stuck in, but in my opinion, his art style is just too weird to support a modern, realistic setting, and he's best where he can go completely over the top with cloaks and swords and macho posing.

Aiten is the name of a weird little doughboy in a feathered hat who goes around bashing the skulls of sinners in; he somehow manages to make friends with a bunch of ko-gals without killing them too. {EIR}

Dark Hair Captured
serialized on Dragon Comics,
7 volumes @ Y900
[ 01:9410| 02:9504| 03:9602| 04:9608| 05:9702| 06:9706| 07:9709]
Mita-sensei at the height of his powers; dramatically, and artistically. Doing what he does best, in other words; combining the odd bit of SD humor with a completely over-the-top melodrama, and a completely random anti-racism McGuffin which works far to well everyone is out to kill Captured because he's the only person who isn't blonde. He has this ring which turns his hand into a sword. Basically, this is the sort of series where people get to say things like "I'm back from hell and this time God is on my side." This is also the only Mita series where the female characters are marginal sidekicks; this is, in my book, a good thing, given Mita's somewhat creative grasp of the female anatomy. A little slow to start, but he pulls out the nails right off the bat in volume three, and it's sensational from then on. {EIR}

Shugen Byakuryu Rubikura
serialized on Gangan,
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:0008]
Mita's newest series, after a long silence. Too soon to say if this is more than Dark Hair Captured 2 without the redeeming racism subplot; it's about two boys with weird weapons killing giant mecha bugs in rather tedious fashion, to be honest. There's a rather dull girl with them. The last issue in volume one contains two pages of actual plot; I'll let him go a few more volumes before committing this to the junk pile like Aiten. After all, Dark Hair Captured 1 took a couple of volumes to get going, but whether he'll get that long is another question. Gangan has low circulation to start with, and, although my copy is a second printing, dated September of this year, in that same month I spent nearly a week ransacking every store in Kyoto looking for the one copy I eventually found at a specialty manga store. It'd be a shame to see a great manga artist piffle his career away; blowing that Afternoon gig is looking more and more serious. Afternoon seems to thrive on weird, violent tales in fucked up art styles, and he should've fit right in... {EIR}

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