Maeda Toshio 前田俊夫

[born: ? ; bloodtype: ?]

An admitted fan of American comics and horror- and science fiction movies. Incorporates all these personal tastes in his stories. Debut in the monthly magazine Erotopia in 1985.

In 2001, a motorbike accident left him with a limited ability in his drawing hand to apply the proper pressure needed to draw with ink.

Urotsuki Douji - Choujin Densetsu [The Wandering Kid - Legend of the Supergod]
published by Wani Magazine,
6 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:8612| 02:8612| 03:8701| 04:8702| 05:8703| 06:8704]
Horror-erotic grotesque manga. Best known from its anime adaptation. Because of Maeda's detailed drawing style, the anime has a completely different (simplified) character design. One of the best known examples of the genre called 'tentacle porn' and in this aspect one of the most berated anime/manga. Contrary to the believes of some, this manga actually contains a very complicated storyline underneath, certainly when compared to other erotic manga. The length of Urotsuki Douji as a series is also unusual for the erotic genre.

The story: earth is divided in three domains: the Ningenkai, the Makai and the Jujinkai (worlds of humans, monsters and manbeasts). The three worlds were created by the Choujin (supergod) three thousand years ago. The prophecy says that he will return to earth as a human to unite the three worlds. Amano Jaku of the Jujinkai is the wandering kid searching for the reincarnation of the Choujin. Will Amano find the Choujin and is the Choujin really what the prophecy says or is there a catch? {012}

TRA:(E)CPM Comics



Shin Urotsuki Douji
published by Wani Magazine,
2 volumes @ Y800
[ 01:9303| 02:9304]
"The Super child Urotsuki-Douji returns." Enough said.

Habu ga iku
published by Wani Magazine,
2 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:____| 02:8710]
No Synopsis.

Niku Man de GO!
published by Wani Magazine,
2 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:8802| 02:8803]
No Synopsis.

Adventure Kid
published by Wani Magazine,
4 volumes @ Y480
[ 01:8810| 02:8811| 03:8904| 04:8910]
No Synopsis.
TRA:(E)Central Park Media
Click to buy English translated volume 0 at Amazon.
Click to buy English translated volume 0 at Amazon.
Click to buy English translated volume 0 at Amazon.

La Blue Girl
published by Leed-sha,
4 volumes @ Y500
[ 01:8912| 02:9012| 03:9105| 04:9206]
The notorious anime gave this its name, just as with Urotsuki Douji. It tells the experiences of Midou Miko, descendant from a line of female ninja, the Mirokushu. The clan made a deal in the past with the demon underworld (Shikima), which kept those sexcrazed demons away from the humans. Another clan, the Suzuka, rival of the Mirokushu-clan for centuries tries to gain the upper hand.
Urotsuki Douji had a plot, but it was hidden by all the sex in it. This too has a (not too trivial) plot, but again, it's obscured by all the sexual duels.

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Eden No Kaze
1 volume @ Y550
[ 01:9008]
No Synopsis.

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