Kusunoki Kei 楠桂

[born: 24 Mar 1966, Aichi-prefecture, Nagoya; bloodtype: O]

A young, pretty (enough to compete with idol singers) mangaka who works in the horror and comedy genres. She was one of a group of mangaka (including Kanzaki Masaomi, Hosono Fujihiko, Kitazaki Taku, Nobe Toshio and Suzumiya Wayu) who featured on Shounen Big, the now-defunct forerunner of Young Sunday. Kusunoki Kei's twin sister, Oohashi Kaoru 大橋薫 - her real name - is also a decent manga artist. Their artistic styles are more similar than their appearance. She made her debut with "Nanika ga Kanojo tori tsuita?" in 1982 on Ribon Original while still in high school.

Buchikamashi Nemuri Hime [Headbutt Sleeping Beauty]
serialized on Asuka, 1992
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9201]
This is about a girl who walks around when she sleeps, which becomes a problem when she falls in love with a guy whose mother was abandoned by his father because she was a sleepwalker! A comedy manga.

Yagami-kun no katei no jijou [Yagami's family matters]
serialized on Shounen Sunday Monthly, 1987-90
7 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:____| 02:8712| 03:8806| 04:8903| 05:8912| 06:9006| 07:9008]
wide-ban 4 volumes @ Y680
[ 01:9307| 02:9308| 03:9309| 04:9310]
"Yagami's mother has an appearance like a 16 year old cute girl and Yagami was at first embarrassed by this, but then he couldn't help falling in love (or lust?) with his own mother. He declared himself as "mother-con" (Oedipus complex). With all his classmates, his teacher, a delinquent juvenile all falling in love with his mom, and an OL who fell in love with his father, and Yagami having a cute biker girlfriend, and on top of that, a schoolmate (male) who looks nearly exactly like his mother. The story depicts the "normal" life of Yagami-kun and his family matters...

"The manga itself is very well written, with a style distinctively Kusunoki Kei's. Unique layout and panelling, filled with fun and jokes, the story is very interesting. Definitely KK's best comedy manga." {CMA}

"Well, in short, the mother looks like she's 14, and the kid is "openly" in love with her - loli x motha-con. His teacher, too, is in love with her mother, and so the love rivals duke it out in classroom, as well as plotting the downfall of their common enemy, his father. The father has a secretary who is in love with him. But once she discovered that he has such a "young" wife she turned her attention to his son, who is now torn between his own mother and a naive, motorbike riding girlfriend. Later on, the class gets a new student who looks exactly like the mother, whom everybody falls for. Except that the student is a he....

"This manga managed to remain innocent while pushing the boundary of family values. In mere 7 volumes, YFA packs more punch than series twice its lengths. It's the manga of choice on a desert island."

"Yagami-kun OAV has a good chance of being the only anime of which the production video (tagged along with some episode) is more interesting than the anime itself. And they weren't kidding about 'Low budget manga spinoff anime aimed at exploiting the existing fan base.'" {MOU}



serialized on Wings, 1985
1 volume @ Y910
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

published by Shougakukan, 1986
1 volume @ Y370
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Tatoeba konna Yuurei Kidan
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1987
1 volume @ Y360
[ 01:8801]
No Synopsis.

Kusunoki Gekijou
serialized on Wings, 1988
1 volume @ Y780
[ 01:8812]
No Synopsis.

Koishite Frozen
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1988
1 volume @ Y360
[ 01:8808]
No Synopsis.

Momotaro mairu!
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1989
1 volume @ Y370
[ 01:8912]
No Synopsis.

serialized on Wings,
1 volume @ Y780
[ 01:____]
No Synopsis.

Kusunoki Kei Kessaku Tanpenshuu
masterpiece short story collection
published by Shougakukan, 1990
1 volume @ Y370
[ 01:9011]
No Synopsis.

published by Shinshokan, 1991
1 volume @ Y1200
[ 01:9101]
No Synopsis.

Gomen nasai Power
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1991
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9103]
No Synopsis.

Akuma de Love Come [Love Comedy with Demons]
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1992-94
4 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9112| 02:____| 03:____| 04:9404]
Kanako gets a ring from Juubei, someone who saved Kanako's father's life. The ring turns out to be a magical ring. She gets the power to see ghosts, and shares the same ghost fighting powers as Juubei, but she can't take the ring off and her powers will only last as long as she has a good relationship with Juubei. Mixture of adventure and romance and comedy.

Circus Wonder
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1991
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9107]
No Synopsis.

Jinrou Kusagami
serialized on Wings, 1991-96
5 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9111| 02:9211| 03:9407| 04:____| 05:9608]
No Synopsis.

serialized on Ribon Mascot,
2 volumes @ Y370
[ 01:____| 02:____]
A ninja in 18th century Japan attempts to track down and confront his errant foster brother, who has become a demon lord. A horror story interwoven with historical events. {016}


Daitogai ni hoero
serialized on Asuka, 1992-present
9 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9302| 02:____| 03:9406| 04:____| 05:9507| 06:9603| 07:9702| 08:9804| 09:9806]
No Synopsis.

Onikirimaru [Ogre Slayer]
serialized on Shounen Sunday, 1992-present
20 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9202| 02:____| 03:____| 04:9402| 05:____| 06:9506| 07:9512| 08:9602| 09:9604]
[ 10:9609| 11:9612| 12:9705| 13:9709| 14:9804| 15:9809| 16:9902| 17:9907| 18:0001]
[ 19:0010| 20:0104]
The young man who is the hero in this story may have a human appearance, he is in fact an ogre himself. Wandering around, killing other ogres trying to invade human beings with his sword called Ogre Slayer, he searches salvation for his faith trying to become human. Often, the ogres are the outcome of the evil thoughts of the humans.

Ogre Slayer was originally meant as a one-shot story but its popularity caused Kusunoki to make it into a long serial. Kusunoki has said that Ogre Slayer draws heavily from the classic Japanese paintings of hell.
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Migiko Nipponichi!!
serialized on Ribon Mascot, 1995
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9505]
No Synopsis.

Crime City
published by Kadokawa Shoten, 1995
1 volume @ Y1200
[ 01:9508]
No Synopsis.

Ai wa kaku go riki
serialized on Margaret Comics,
1 volume @ Y390
[ 01:9512]
No Synopsis.

Dokkan LOVE
1 volume @ Y400
[ 01:9604]
A comedy about fighting for lovers.

Yamada-kun ga tooru
serialized on Margaret, 1997-98
3 volumes @ Y390
[ 01:9706| 02:9711| 03:9803]
No Synopsis.

Boku no Gakkou wa Senjou Datta [My School was a Battlefield]
serialized on Ribon Mascot,
1 volume @ Y?
[ 01:8412]
A cheerful comedy story about an ordinary highschool student in an extraordinary highschool where the main focus is fighting. {018}

Donmai Princess [Don't Mind Princess]
serialized on Margaret,
2 volumes @ Y?
[ 01:____| 02:0010]
"Donmai" is the Engrish for "Don't Mind". Kishimoto Takashi has a dream girl. Literal. He dreams every night that he's a knight, and just at the moment he's gonna kiss his dream girl, his younger brother awakens him. Having a dream girl means not noticing the other females at school, much to their chagrin. One day, Kishimoto notices a young girl looking exactly like his dream girl on the street. She crosses the street, doesn't notice an upcoming car and Kishimoto saves her just in time. Will this be true love? It won't be that easy.

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