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Welcome on our Boerboel website!

We are the family Vervloet from BELGIUM, on this website you can look at the pictures of our South African Boerboels. What in 1999 started with the love for one Boerboel is in meanwhile a hobby that's gotten out of control with the result that now we have three generations of our own breeding guarding our home. 
I do say hobby because for us it's pure avocation, we only breed a few litters each year. If you know that out of one single female you also can produce two litters each year, and we have a small dozen of Boerboels running arround here, explains enough I guess.
It's not easy to breed a good Boerboel, but the longer we are in this breed, the more clear it becomes whitch is the way to perfection. It's more than just hard selection, some times you have to make compromises to prevent that rare genetic material gets lost.
To learn more about this breed and the different bloodlines with all their own specific charasteristics we travelled the past years already three times to the land of origin South-Africa.
How it could come this far
obviously has everything to do with the special character and unique appearance of these Mollossers. For us a good Boerboel is a social dog, he is reliable, obedient, affectionate, loyal......to put it briefly he has everything that makes him four us the perfect family dog. Apart from the fact that they have all the qualities of a devoted family dog, is that in any case of danger they will protect us with their life. That's what makes this breed so exceptional and preventing that these qualities get lost is exactly our striving.


The Character of the Boerboel

The Boerboel is the only breed in the world specifically bred to guard and protect and as watchdog.
A cranky, temperamental dog that stays surly after being reprimanded, is not a Boerboel. You should purchase a Boerboel for his even character.
This was and always should be his main quality. Your Boerboel should qualify himself as your best friend.
He should know what you are thinking, when you feel threatened, he should know when you approve or disapprove of a stranger and share your feeling.
He should be able to recognize your fear. Any Boerboel owner should be able to confirm this. These traits should be recognizable from puppyhood. He should, with a growl, be able to tell you: "I’m here, always. I will guard you with my life."
If you allow him to attack, he will growl like a lion and fight ferociously without taking his own safety into account.
No wonder Aristotle named the forefathers of these dogs: Leontix (sons of lions).
The Romans also apparently believed that these dogs were obtained by crossing a dog and a lion.
There are cases on record when a lone Boerboel time and again won the fight against a leopard! He is definitely a child’s friend and playmate. He does not only accept one person as his master, but accepts the protection of the whole family as his duty and is affectionate to all of them, without exception.
Many a story has been told about a Boerboel spending hour after hour guarding a little baby in a pram.
He feels the whole family belongs to him and his sole purpose is to protect them, with his life, if necessary.
Our forefathers required the following from their Boerboel: During the day the dog must go to the veld with the children to guard the sheep. There he should catch a hare for them to cook for lunch. He should also protect them against all danger that may threaten them.
Tonight he should lie in front of the fire at home and protect the whole family against anything that may be lurking in the dark.



You probably noticed many differences in appearance from the boerboel while searching the internet.
As for the character this isn't very different sadly enough, we are under the impression that it's going the wrong way when we notice that boerboels are regularly offered for rehoming.
In most cases this is the result of a problem situation between the dog and his owner because the character isn't  how it is suposed to be.    
Ofcourse it is important how you raise and socialise a pup but don't underestimate the fact that more then 50% of the character is given by the parents of the pup and therefore hereditary.
That's why it is most important to choose the right selection breeding dogs for making combinations. The boerboel breed is getting very populair and
unfortunately some people will only prefer scores, amount of pups/litters, appearance or specific colours of boerboels. Character and health should be our first priority.

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