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How it all began ...

(2012: Due to limited webspace (50Mb), images have been reduced in size.)

My first ministeck box

In the beginning ...

At the age of nine, I received my first ministeck box. The box itself didn't survive, but I cut the examples out of the cardboard. This picture is on purpose a little blurry, because I don't have copyright to the ministeck models (not many people care, but I wanna play it fair). With the contents of the box I could only make one model at a time. If I wanted two models hanging on my bedroom wall, I actually had to buy me a second box (in those days I didn't have enough pocket money). So right from the very beginning I started to draw mosaics instead of making them out of ministeck tiles. Unfortunately I have lost these oldest drawings.
The start of a hobby
Drawing mosaics

A few years later ...

When I was twelve I got my first large ministeck box. At this point I must have realized that this was just a beginning, because I made a list of all the colourbars I had in each colour. I also painted this model once for a school assignment; the teacher loved it so much he asked me if he could have it. Now I regret I gave it away. Luckily there is one drawing left from those good old days (this is no chequered paper, I even drew the squares myself - here they measure 2x2 mm).
The first poster-format drawing
The second and third large drawings
When I was fourteen, my grandparents on my mother's side celebrated their fiftiest wedding-anniversary. My grandmother was very happy with my gift. This one was made on chequered paper (by lack of time).
Barely one year later my grandparents on my father's side celebrated their fiftiest wedding-anniversary. Their gift was less original, but still a nice piece of fancy-work. All these drawings are now back in my possession.
A collection boxes
A collection ideas booklets
Throughout the years I gathered several models and lots of ideas booklets. I only built the first four models, afterwards I only bought these boxes for their contents (buying a large model is much cheaper then buying all the colourbars separately).