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Ulli Horlacher

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 89 17:50:00 N
Reply-To: HP-28 - HP-28C and HP-28S Calculators <HP-28@NDSUVM1>
Sender: HP-28 - HP-28C and HP-28S Calculators <HP-28@NDSUVM1>
From: Ulli Horlacher <FRAMSTAG@DTUPEV5A>
Subject: FAST and other sysobs

FAST is a machine-language-programm that doubles the speed of the HP-28S. Pressing the ON-key restores the normal speed. FAST influences WAIT and BEEP, but not the system-clock. To install a system-object (:= machine-language- programm) you need a special program caled SYS.

SYS makes a meta-system-object, stores it at RAM-end (:= in dir HOME: the first object) and calls it to give back a system-object in the stack. Now you can store this machine-language-programm as a normal object.

These following programms are only for the HP-28S (type 2BB)

                                     sysob := system-object

SYS                                ! remarks
<< "69A20" SWAP + "09F20" +        ! marks beginning and end of a sysob
   -> LM                           ! sysob in HEX-ASCII-form
  << PATH HOME HEX                 ! actual path in stack for resuming at end
     ""                            ! start-string for meta-sysob
     1 LM SIZE FOR I               ! loop begin
       "#" LM I DUP2               ! select char in LM-variable
       1 + DUP SUB                 ! get I+1 char
       3 ROLLD DUP SUB             ! get I char
       + + STR-> B->R CHR          ! make a machine-language-code
       +                           ! add it
     2 STEP                        ! end loop
     'EXE' DUP PURGE STO           ! store it in the first entry (!) in HOME
     #D0000                        ! RAM-end
     EXE SIZE 2 * -                ! compute beginning of EXE
     SYSEVAL                       ! call EXE to place sysob into stack
     1 GET 1 ->LIST ->LIST DROP    ! convert it into storable form
     'EXE' PURGE                   ! EXE is no longer required
     SWAP ->DIR                    ! jump back to old directory

<< LIST-> 1 FOR I I ROLL EVAL -1 STEP >>   ! jumps down to the last dir in path

To create the FAST-sysob type the following string WITHOUT the blanks (I have added the blanks only for better reading)!!!
     "69C20 32000 1331F 00FFF 30F15 D0131 14216 4808C"

ready! now you have a turbo-HP-28S by typing FAST.

more sysobs:

To create the sysob type the following strings WITHOUT the blanks:

Screen off = switches the LCD-Screen off, but your HP is still on! You can run programms without having a display; saves battery.

     "69C20 32000 1331F 30FFF 30015 D0133 14216 4808C"

Screen on = switches the LCD-Screen after SOFF on again.
     "69C20 32000 1331F 30FFF 30A15 D0133 14216 4808C"

     SYS 'SON' STO

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