At the heart of symbolism

(Sufi) Islamic orientation and tradition


Symbol of the gate opening onto the inner light

The Sufis

Among the different Islamic traditional forms, Sufi is one of the most representative from the orientation point of view. The Sufi denomination would come from the woollen garment (suf) that adepts used to wear. Their spirituality does not refer to any law or dogma and is simply based on the mutual love between God and the human being: “knowledge full of love is wisdom” (Jean Chevalier). The central aim of Sufi consists in knowing God directly through esoteric practices strongly related to Northern or polar orientation and teaching based on stories.

Sufi favour the light source direction, East; West, on the contrary, is assimilated to the darkness world. These choices should be understood in a more symbolic than geographic meaning. East represents the Principle, origin of the manifestation of anything; it is related to the light descent towards obscurity. West, on the contrary, characterizes the world as we perceive it, in its complete manifestation; it is linked to the light ascent towards the full day.

The Sufi ritual practices consist in a constant movement between East and West, in a cosmic dance as the dancing dervish, in a pulsation made in the heart image, the gate of which opens on a whole inner light.

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