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Partial and overall views


Flowers every where

Nature is a whole

When we observe or work in nature, we usually consider tree plantations, flower beds, lawns and their coppices etc. and rarely their global aspect. Mostly attracted by some facets, we bring them together without really knowing how the components are interacting on each other. Similarly, the environmental policies are still split according to their media interests (air, soil, water, etc.) and do not take into account the overall view. However, nature is working as a whole and we will not be able to understand it without any insight into the total picture. The various traditional forms may help us to light the path bringing us closer to the overview.

The states of the substantial world manifestation are based on element interactions in various traditions. Spread alongside the compass point directions, the elements are unified into an undifferentiated state represented by the Centre. Moving from that state to the element manifestation and interactions means generating plenty of natural and symbolic landscapes. Going back from the manifested elements to the Centre signifies moving from the different landscapes or part views to the unified state. Returning to the substantial manifestation source allow us to get the overall picture of our surrounding world and environmental disturbances affecting it as well.

Most environmental disturbances find their sources in technology use and/or being's behaviour. It is commonly known that humans are unable to measure the technological development consequences. And how do they intend to get out of their harmful effects ? Through appealing to new technologies. The perfect vicious circle! Looking for new technologies to overcome noxious consequences remind us some medical treatments composed of a whole range of remedies to get rid of cascading side effects. May be, we should consider a less costly solution, our behavioural change. Instead of changing the world, why not changing ourselves ? Then, the world would change in a softer way. However, to achieve this, we have to feel and understand what nature, the outer and mainly our inner nature, is consisting of.

Climbing the rungs of the self-knowledge bring us back to our own source from where we really measure the consequences of our actions. Then, we understand how nature works. Nature represents the existence as such, of what is independent of man's willingness. Hence our uncontrolled fears, aversions, phobias and terrors regarding nature as well as our desire to dominate it. Now, nature does not need to be controlled, only to be. It is working on its own without any man's intervention. Everything is coming up roses. The billions of dollars or euros to “save” it are not a necessity or a fatality. The technological solutions should become only additional means to a more respectful attitude towards the world wonders. Proceeding just the other way round the common use is the main challenge that humanity has to face.

Accepting and understanding this is a key step towards a more respectful behaviour regarding the outer nature and our proper nature too. A first step followed by an ascent alongside the being's possibilities, from the most physical and substantial world to the really human and spiritual one. Finally, the last step will give the whole picture, the full panorama hidden behind plenty of part views.

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