At the heart of symbolism

Whole and parts, Unity and polarity


“Let nature worke; She knoweth what she hath to doe, and understands hir selfe better then we do.”
Montaigne (Essays)

View of a Mexican fishermen village

The being's and world fragmentation

Despite its worldwide expansion, the world has never been as fragmented as today. In particular, the social, environmental and economic aspects of this extension are not integrated. Social and environmental concerns are still separated into employment, social conditions, health, education etc. air, water, soil pollution and so on when their interrelations are obvious. They are parts of a whole. And what about the being himself split between so many characters (working person, family member, charmer, moody, dreamer, joyful, depressed etc.) and, nevertheless, called an individual (from “individuum” or indivisible).

The fragmented view of the environment reflects the split of the being's proper nature, mainly between the temporal and the spiritual. Unable to get access to his own unity, he can not perceive the unity of the world and, therefore, observe the well-known recommendation: “Thinking globally, acting locally” for the following reasons:

  • The human mind is used and trained to define, analyse, divide, classify etc. To synthesize sometimes, but certainly not to globalize. Only, the direct intuition, the one beyond the mind and not short of it, the pure intelligence (from “intellegere” or understanding) is able to get the overall picture.
  • All human actions have consequences that the being is totally unable to predict and evaluate and which are certainly not localized in space and time.

Therefore, the view of the daily disasters on this planet show us clearly that man to day is probably “Thinking locally and acting globally” more than ever.

To get out of this deleterious situation, it is vital to overcome this split within the being himself. This may be achieved through a better balance between temporal and spiritual views to become really an individual (from “individuum” meaning indivisible, one). Reconciling the being with his real nature as well as his inner nature with the outer would help to get closer to the complete picture (See Spirit and body and Panorama for more details regarding these subjects). Then, the outer nature would need to be rescued no more, only respected. The nature sustained through billions is only nature in distress. The real nature works on its own without anybody support.

Deeply concerned with a global vision of the world, symbols may help us to have a better understanding of whole patterns and their part interactions in context.

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