At the heart of symbolism

Our two natures

Inner and outer light

Our inner and outer natures

Nature covers two facets, which co-exist in any being:

  • The individual own nature representing his inner or active side;
  • The overall influences of the surrounding environment where he is manifested, which constitute his outer or passive side.

The being's realization is the result of the interaction of these two aspects. The being's development depends on the adequacy of the external influences with his own possibilities. The elements borrowed from the environment have to be in correspondance with the individual's possibilities in order to be assimilated and bring a supplement of being. This adequacy has to take place for each being's state he will have to go through. That implies that the individual is conscious of his own development possibilities and able to catch, in the surrounding environment, the elements allowing this possibilities to fully develop. This progression will lead to a broader vision of the being, which could be beneficial for the environment in return.

However, it can happen that the being does not borrow from the environment, but is subjected to it. When the outer conditions disagree with the being's possibilities for a certain state, the environment slows down his development for that state. Nevertheless, he will be able to continue on his track, strewed with holes.

Though considered as external, the surrounding environment is an integral part of the being and isolating inner and outer nature leads to split two indissociable facets. And yet, this is the attitude of man today. He considers the environment as a totally stranger element, which can be treated or mistreated as required. Now, while proceeding this way, man treats or mistreats a part of himself without realizing the consequences on himself. This aspect is all the more important since the environment is nowadays the object of a multitude of removals and impacts on behalf of the human being. To reconcile the being with himself and his environment has become an urgent appeal today, which goes through an approach taking inner and outer nature in.