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Christmas and Epiphany


The Christmas colours (green and red)

The present time

The Christmas and Epiphany celebrations constitute the most important events of the Christian tradition in winter season. Their commemoration at precise dates is related to a number of customs, the origins of which have been lost in the mists of time. The main concern of this article consists in discovering some of their signs and deeper meaning.

The two Christmas and Epiphany celebrations are equidistant from the 31st December, a transition date between the old and new year. They naturally recall Janus, the Roman double face God of the passage from one year, one cycle and one being state to another as well as this privileged moment of change:

The ability to fully live for the present is the most beautiful gift. Living for the present opens our eyes onto the whole marvel of life

  • Cosmic change in relation to the solstices when the sun turns from the descent towards obscurity to the ascent in direction of light and conversely.
  • Individual change during the three births of the being's development associated with three worlds (physical, psychical or soul and spiritual).

This reference to Janus left its footprint in the customs attached to both celebrations:

  • Christmas, celebration of the birth of the Being of Light with the illumination of the tree and the log blaze.
  • Epiphany, celebration of the recognition of the King of the three worlds pictured by the three wise men worship, the present giving and the Twelfth Night cake.

Beyond this recognition, both celebrations commemorate firstly the “Master of the eternal present” and the One, source of the manifestation of all worlds. Living in the present where the temporal succession commutes into simultaneity, achieving the unity of the three main states (physical, psychical, spiritual) consisting in rejoining the being in its totality. An authentic gift of Heaven to all manifested beings and the only real Christmas present hidden inside anyone.

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