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Many books, articles and broadcasting are devoted to the dollar, the euro or both, but only a few deal with the symbols they carry. Although, symbols do not bear interests for the money or financial markets, they impregnate the subconscious of those who manipulate notes or coins. Do they come from an ancient tradition or from nowhere ? Are they different on both sides of the Atlantic or similar despite two centuries time lag ? Here are some of the questions to which this article intends to answer with the concern to make up for an amazing lapse of memory.

The symbols carried by notes, both dollar and euro, take different forms, but express similar aspects as symbols are from anytime. When looking at the $ and € signs alone, do the vertical and horizontal bars not call up a path, a bridge between states of different nature, between Heaven and Earth ?

This essential link allow us to tie our actions, peculiar to the manifested world, up to the Being or to the undifferentiated Principle at the origin of the cosmic world and the beings living in. Realizing this connection in the ascending direction really means progressing from a human to a supra-human state, or at least superior state, where all things are finding their place and sense in the eternal present. This one-way path, from temporal towards spiritual world, is transparent in the symbols carried by the greenback, but slightly blurred on the notes worded in euro. Their creators have probably forgotten the fairy tales of their childhood and the warnings regarding the danger of going back or looking backwards during the crossing. To turn round means going back to an ordinary state of being instead of looking towards a superior state. The best proof comes from the fact euro notes are supposed not to convey any myth in comparison with the greenback where the connection is quite obvious.

Therefore, it looks at least strange that an European area, with ancient roots, is making a clean sweep of a historic and, moreover, symbolic past when a relatively young nation woke up and revealed a tradition going further back in time than the Greek antiquity.

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