At the heart of symbolism

The rainbow colours


Rainbow, bridge between Heaven and Earth

A bridge between Earth and Heaven

As the language of the eyes and heart, colours are aiming more at intuitive intelligence than to mind. Therefore, they constitute a privileged support for the symbolic representations, such as the beautiful example of the rainbow. Consequence of the light refraction on water drops, it provides the entire spectrum of sunlight commonly divided into seven colours. What are the relationships between the seven rainbow colours and the seven rays of the sun peculiar to several traditions, particularly Hindu ? The answer lies in the meaning given to these seven colours.

Symbol of the bridge between Earth and Heaven, the rainbow contains six colours only. Indeed, indigo, the intermediary colour between violet and blue in the same way as cyan between blue and green, has no reason to play a key role within the visible light spectrum. The seventh colour depicts in reality the “white” light or the Principle at the origin of the manifestation (of colours).

At the same time in and out of the manifestation process, the Principle comes first as the source of all things and last when reconstituted from its development. That is the real meaning of the septenarius, the “white” light of which represents the unity and the six rainbow colours, the manifestation cycle. The seventh sun ray is only but the Centre from which everything comes and to which everything goes back.

The Principle, white from the external of manifested point of view, is black from the internal or non-manifested prospect. Black symbolizes the real Centre, ultimate step of the spiritual ascent. The juxtaposition of white and black, as on cathedral paving or chessboard, expresses in fact the constant game between manifestation and non-manifestation, between the variety of all things and their deep unity within the Principle.

The colour symbolism only reflects the multiplicity of all aspects of the manifestation cycle of the “white” light. The indefinite multiplicity of nuances is echoing the diversity of the manifestation of all things. Finding the unity path through this diversity is the goal in life.

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