At the heart of symbolism

Insight into light

Light and obscurity

As life and death, day and night, white and black, light and darkness cannot be separated. This association is just as valid from the physical or outer point of view as the spiritual or inner one. The physical aspect of light and obscurity correspond to the spiritual aspect of Illumination and Darkness:

1. The visible light, the light of the noon sun is without mystery. The painters of daylight rarely venture into the being's depths. The Impressionists offer a perception of light decomposed according to the rainbow spectrum, which is far away from the underlying unity. Their canvasses grip an impression or a particular moment of the world, not its totality.

2. The counterpart of daylight is obscurity or night only enlightened by the moon glow, reflection of the solar light. It is the time of silence, sleep, dream, sensations, anguishes, doubts, but also of unknown discovery. The artists in quest of spirituality are always those of the dark or night world.

3. The true Light, the Illumination emanates from the spiritual Sun. It contains the six directions of the space and the six rainbow colours in a potential or unified state. This is why the spiritual Sun is sometimes represented by seven rays: six coloured opposed two to two and a seventh white one depicting the Unity, the Centre. The artists of the spiritual path are only able to suggest the inner presence of Light.

4. The seventh ray, the Unity, the Centre or the “Heart” of the World1 comes from the supra-solar World, the World of the non-manifested Darkness, the Principle at the origin of manifestation. This is the absolute Black, the indivisible essence of the pure spiritual Light that no artist can render.

Light is to Darkness what obscurity is to Illumination as the world below is the reverse reflection of the world beyond.

The access gates to the different worldsConsequently, the manifestation of the undifferentiated Principle goes off through three levels, at macrocosm as well as microcosm level:

  • At macrocosm level while crossing the celestial, intermediary and earthly worlds;
  • At microcosm level while going through the spiritual, psychical and bodily orders of the being's realization. The psyche or soul constitutes with the body the proper human being. It follows that the supra-human states come under the manifested as well as the non-manifested.

As a result of the undifferentiated Principle, the being can only return to its human and/or supra-human origins while climbing the important preceding stages. This spiritual elevation goes together with an elevation towards the authentic Light and requires the crossing of the lunar and/or solar gates according to the degree of spirituality or illumination reached.

1 back Note that the Centre is neither localized nor localizable for the space results from the expansion of the Centre itself (For more details, see space and time and the Celtic cross).