At the heart of symbolism

The double meaning of the Androgyne


Masculine and feminine symbolic signs

The symbol of the unified state

Usually represented as a double faced head or a body topped by two heads, the Androgyne deals with the two essential facets of life, masculine and feminine or male and female. However, its double meaning also encompasses the simple distinction between sexes and relates to the primeval state of the being.

Situated beyond polarities, notably feminine masculine, the androgyne represents at once the original state and the accomplished state of the being. In fact, It symbolizes the one who has overcome life sufferings proper to the world of appearances and re-integrated the primeval Unity where he is coming from. As origin and outcome of the being manifestation, the Androgyne is a universal symbol of the unified state.

The passage through the world of duality is a necessary step to become fully conscious of the lost reality. However, to push the being's sexual identification to extremes, notably through the clitoris excision regarded as a survival of the penis or the foreskin circumcision as a survival of the vulva, does not increase our consciousness one iota.

The duality perception is not a result of the manifested world, but is derived from our vision of that world. As long as we stay divided inside ourselves, we will not be able to accept the world as it is and ourselves as we are in reality, that means unified. The moment however we become aware that we have all the treasures of the world within ourselves, that nothing is missing, all fears, cravings and illusions attached to our dualistic perception of things and beings are flying away. We start to live like a whole and become a true individual (from “individuum” or indivisible). We are back home.

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