Lodocase chess engine

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On this page (still under development) you will find some informations about Lodocase, a free Winboard compatible chess engine.

Lodocase doesn't include any GUI. We therefore recommend you to use it with a Winboard compatible GUI (like Arena or Winboard, both are free).

For bug report, questions, encouragements,... you can contact us at lodocase at skynet dot be (if you are not a machine, you could transform this into a valid address).

We wish to thank Eugene Nalimov and Andrew Kadatch (decompress code) for allowing us to use their code to get access to the tablebases. Olivier Deville (Chesswar) permitted Lodocase to compete in its first tournament. His work and his willingness to accept nearly every engine (even very basic or somewhat buggy ones) should be emphasized. Claude Dubois also accepted Lodocase in his tournament ("le Système du Suisse"). He is the first who managed to get the thing working under the Chessbase GUI (thanks to the wb2UCI adapter). Finally, we also thank Sébastien Brousmiche for his help to implement the Winboard protocol.