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Here you can check the discography, have a pre listen of the music,
a look behind the scenes and experience the band live in action.

Discography and MP3's

  • Pure Impact Promo Compilation
    Released January 2004

    This was the first record that featured a Lion's Pride song; "Skinhead".

    16 other bands (Calcio D'Inizio, Convicted, Corrosao, Die Seperatisten, Haggis,
    Face of Agression, Estigma, Fraction, Frei Wild, Frontlash, Headcase, Red Skulls,
    Rock'G'Socks, Skin Disorder, Sons of Liberty, Step Outside) are also on the list.
    The label compilation was spread for free for the promotion of their bands.

01. P.C. Brigade [MP3 sample]
02. Europe, United in Diversity [MP3 sample]
03. Patriot [MP3 sample]
04. Germania [MP3 sample]
05. Sons of Europe [MP3 sample]
06. Self Control [MP3 sample]
07. Skinhead [MP3 full song]
08. Protect and Survive [MP3 sample]

09. Friendship, Loyalty, Brotherhood [MP3 sample]
10. Lies [MP3 sample]
11. Revolution Sells (Bourgeoisie Anarchist) [MP3 sample]
12. Celtic Dream [MP3 sample]
13. 11th of July, 1302 (De Vlaamse Leeuw) [MP3 sample]

All songs © LION'S PRIDE.
All downloads are 44Khz, 256 Kbit MP3.

  • Benefit CD "De Kastelein - The Skinhead Pub"
    Released July 2005

    Features "11th of July, 1302 (De Vlaamse Leeuw)" from "Stand and Defend",
    together with various skinhead songs of 21 non-pc bands from across Europe
    (Kampfzone, Section 5, The Skinflicks, Les Vilains, Barking Dogs, Headcase,
    Resistance 77, The Veros, Haircut, Offside, Backstreet Firm, On File,
    Leggitima Offesa, Anti Behaviour, Razorblade, Get Out, Steelcapped Strength,
    Super Yobs, Banner Of Thugs, Hardsell, Retaliator), who support their supporters.
    The profit from this cd is 100% for the pub, music material, renovation, etc.

  • Sampler "The Skinheads come back!"
    Released July 2005

Features 3 new songs; 1 cover "Antisocial" and
2 originals "Brussels by Night" [MP3] and "Where Eagles Dare".

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The sampler from Streetfight Records and Raise Your Voice represents also
songs from Civico 88, Faustrecht Kommando Skin, Selbststeller and Tollschock.
Each band 3 new songs, 1 cover and 2 originals (except Faustrecht and
Selbststeller; 2 new originals). The package comes in a typical skinhead style.
The booklet contains all the lyrics, many pix and info of the bands.

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  • Split CD "For Folk and Land" / "Fortress Europe"
    January 2006

    Split CD together with Iron Clad, a Medieval influenced 80's Heavy Metal band
    where Rony & Gunther also participate. With a total running time of over 53 minutes,
    12 pages booklet including all lyrics + bandpictures and a transparant tray
    this limited disc comes wrapped in cellophane, through the Flemish label Nepherex.

Iron Clad part - For Folk and Land:

1. The Templars call [MP3]
2. When the Daybreak comes [MP3]
3. Battle of the Clansmen [MP3]
4. The Villager
5. Ancestors of Flanders [MP3]
6. Dark Ages [MP3]
7. For Folk and Land
+ Bonus: "Medieval Times" [MP3] from their first album 'Lost in a Dream'.

Lion's Pride part - Fortress Europe:

1. Germania [MP3]
2. Europe, United in Diversity [MP3]
3. 11th of july, 1302 (De Vlaamse Leeuw) [MP3]
4. Where Eagles Dare [MP3]
5. Iron Fist (Motörhead cover) [MP3]
+ Bonus: "Where Eagles Dare" videoclip.

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  • Split DVD "Rock voor Dietsland"

This is a Live DVD from the "Rock voor Dietsland" concert in Brabant 2005.
Featuring Brigade M & Lion's Pride. A collecters item or excellent for those
who never could see them live yet / before. This was Brigade M's farewell concert.

Extra’s: Discography's, biography's, pixtures & videoclips.

Brigade M

1. Eigen Volk Eerst
2. Nee Tegen Turkije
3. Voor Volk & Vaderland
4. Terroristen
5. Twee Broeders
6. Mr WP R&R *
7. Medley (Commie Scum,
See You in Valhalla, DMDP)
8. Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw
9. Bundeswehrpilot
10. Europese Eenheid
11. Lui, Laf & Lelijk


Lion's Pride

1. Europe, United in Diversity
2. Politically Correct Brigade
3. Where Eagles Dare
4. Skinhead
5. Self Control
6. 11th of July, 1302 (De Vlaamse Leeuw)
7. Antisocial
8. Ancestors Arise
9. Brussels by Night
10. Patriot!
11. Trojan Horse
12. Hail the New Dawn
13. Germania
14. Protect and Survive

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