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    OK, here's the deal: I've been a quad or quadriplegic if you want since my Spinal Cord Injury (sci) in 1989 and I like to believe I'm doing fine.
    I set up this website to share whatever I've learnt over the years.
    Why A Life Less Ordinary? Well, because it is. We just don't blend in as good as we used to before we became quads. The wheelchair tends to stand out, doesnt it? That doesn't mean we shouldn't try though, but denial never got me anywhere so Less Ordinary it is.

    Feel free to use anything you find useful, ignore the rest.
    Remember: this is my point of view... you don't agree with what I have to say? Fine.
    Would you like to comment or react to what you see (my english for example, it's far from perfect), my email is at the bottom of every page.
    I'll try to reply to all mails I receive.
    Got some neat tricks of your own? Send them to me, I'll try them out and if I like them, they'll end up on one of these pages.

    Untill I get a decent picture of myself (might never happen) you'll have to do with one of Zico.
    He's better looking than I am anyway, he's the cute one :-)

    One last thing, this is a work in progress, bear with me. I'll try to get all the sections up as soon as possible. Be sure to come back every once in a while and press ctrl F5 regularly to get the latest version of these pages.


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