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The pictures on these pages were made at various airfields in Belgium,
mostly at the small Schaffen- Diest - airstrip during the annual Oldtimer- Fly ins, at the airport
of Deurne- Antwerp during the Stampe- days and also at the Oostmalle airstrip.
Now it´s not that easy to put these airplanes into particular sections.
Many models were produced as military ánd as civilian models and biplanes have been built alongside mono-
planes from the early days until now...
The only option to make it well- organized, was to put them on a time- line then, so I made three sections:
up to and including 1939, 1940 - 45 and postwar ( or from 1946 onwards ).
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Enjoy !
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Something about me:
Though I did attend a course to obtain a pilot licence somewhere in the seventies - but never completed ( I was a student at
that time and couldn´t afford it ) - I am not actually involved in aviation.
The « microbe » however, is still present...
As a freelance illustrator, I mainly work in 3d computer- applications, and have made some 3d- models of airplanes lately.
The name «Dragon Airways» was chosen while working on one of those 3d- models, namely a de Havilland 89A Dragon Rapide,
as can be seen on the logo.
It has nothing to do with Hong Kong based DragonAir or the fifties Dragon Airways from Britain.
To build such models properly, You need - as well as top quality plans - a lot of reference material.
In books and in my own photo library, I found a wealth of useful stuff, but when visiting all those aviation- packed sites on the net,
a whole new experience started...
Therefore, this site was set up to provide others like me, looking for pictures or data about a particular model, with the images
I have mysélf, to add something to that huge internet- encyclopedia...
© 2000-2009 Peter Lembrechts
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