Peter Landuyt 2005 - Oil Paintings - Silkscreens - Drawings


Kim Sun Il
No Tiene Manos

Simple Simon

Do you have a painting, drawing or silkscreen by the painter Peter Landuyt? Please Send a picture of your work. (+ name and country )
We are making a database of all the artworks and submit it soon here.

Updating some works ( soon online )




11 september self portrait
portrait of Belgian painter Luc Tuymans

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New artworks will be added after the next exhibition.

Producing music

Current news - september 2005

Update : Listen to Everybody Now
Listen to a Sample here ( mp3 - 1.15 sec )
Written by A.J.Sun, Howard Levine and Peter Landuyt
Produced by A.J.Sun, Howard Levine and Peter Landuyt
Mixed and Mastered by Howard Levine.
( Little Major Productions )

Making new drawings, oils on paper.
Producing Tess Bryant, "The first time..."
Producing new song " Mille Fille" with Howard Levine and A.J.Sun
Blogging on ( audioblog )
Working on audiomastermind pro audio database (.com )
Starting up some new online projects. More news to come next month.

Commercial projects and contemporary networking ( current 70.000 pages )

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